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KP has completed planning for adding 1471 Megawatts through Hydel Power Generation!


Aug 19, 2014
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For details, visit:
Welcome to Sarhad Hydel Development Organization

What is this? I want more Metro swimming pools instead! I want my vote back!!! :D :D :D

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Not before they are electrocuted by that generated current, if it generates at all, given Punjabi "technology"! :D :D :D
Sooner or later we'll have Patwaris using these electrocuting swimming pools as a source of free electricity :sarcastic:.

Anyways, good news for KP. This should've been done long ago, but at least the current PTI-led government is living up to our expectations in this area of development (and many others, no doubt).
This should've been done long ago
If you ever worked in a real construction company, you would know how much time it actually takes to plan these projects on the paper, and the little amount of time it takes building them! Unlike PMLN, PTI is finishing its homework, so to avoid embarrassment in the future. Unlike devout Nooney Tunes, PTI voters dare to become ex-PTI unless their leadership deliver on their promises! :D :D :D
Its good they are done with the planning but they need to execute and start building these Dams fast. If PTI wants to win the next election, they need to build these Dams fast.

Execution of a project is more tough than planning a project. Lets see if the Provincial Government can deliver, i wonder why they aren't tapping the brains of the PTI Leadership in the centre.
Let's see if they actually even start as PTI is completely failed party and on par with PPP in performance. For example, the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar did not have electricity for 3 days, and there were rats in the infant centre but these PTI idiots were busy going on talk shows and complaining about Nawaz
There's little that comes out of PTI except rants and ravings. If this is true and is actually implemented on the ground, we should all appreciate KPK govt.
So PTI completes planning and youthias are going gaga over it? Good luck but you should celebrate when they actually start operations. There are thousands of excellent projects which exist only on paper in our dear country.

But that name tho

Welcome to Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organazation

Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) :haha:
Similarities between PTI and PMLN? both "plan"

Constant PML "we plan to add xxMW."
PTI we plan to add 100 mini dams, xxMW

Not even 1 one will be build and PTI will once again blame N league/federal. If they build it then all the credit goes to PTI only.
And what PMLN builds in kpk is also built by PTI actually.

If it wasn't for Imran khan, Pakistan wouldn't been created.

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