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does it really have super cruise ? i can t believe it , if i it is true then aircraft must fly without external payload which is nonsense for a fighter
Here is the J-10 with the YJ-91 (KH-31P) a 600 kg missile if the source of these pictures is to be believed:



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I dislike making political commentary in the J-10C thread, but I can't let some of what I've read pass without comment. There's a lot of ingratitude here.
"PAF tried integrating "a local payload" (possibly Ra'ad, maybe H2/H4, or even IREK) and the JF-17 flight control system went into a "safe mode" because it didn't recognize what had been mounted. This had some pretty disastrous consequences. So anytime we want to integrate a new system onto the JF-17, we have to collaborate with China to do so."
That's what a respectable avionics system is supposed to do when a foreign payload is trying to interface with it. In fact, it should have shut down entirely. This is a fighter aircraft, not a DIY garage hobby project.
on top of that, i had a first hand discussion with the manager of the Avionics Production Factory at Dubai Airshow where they were desperate to find an alternative supplier to Chinese parts due to their exploitative and extortionate business practices.
Would you care to elaborate on these so-called "exploitative and extortionate" business practices? Because what I think happened is that this manager wasn't receiving the kickbacks he felt he was due. Feel free to correct me if you can share more details of your conversation with him.
I wonder why the PAF also did not commit or join hands with China in the NGFA program, instead going to Turkey who is not as experienced, who is also a wayyy bigger gamble to put money on vs China and on top of that, is offering a product with ITAR controlled engines, when China, the all weather, bhai bhai super trustworthy and reliable ally has two designs, J-31 and J-35 which they want to push to the PAF, both designs which have way more funding, support and are way further ahead, why does the PAF not select the more risk free, trustworthy and reliable partner?
Once again, I don't think it's a matter of exploitative and extortionate business practices, I think it's a matter of certain countries asking fewer questions than others about where the money's going.
OTOH, the Chinese don't know how to think big from a geo-political standpoint. They structured CPEC to crudely frontload power and infrastructure at Pakistan's expense on the possibility that Pakistan would leverage it to rapidly industrialize
I admit that this might have been a miscalculation on China's part. China (and myself, I'll admit) naively assumed that undeveloped countries were so because they didn't have the opportunities to develop. That once basic infrastructure became available, they would take off like China did. China erroneously generalized its own experience.

The unfortunate truth is that some countries just do not have the necessary cultural prerequisites to develop. It's not just a matter of infrastructure and capital availability, it's a deeper issue. They're not just undeveloped, they have anti-developmental characteristics.
How? We create a real economic strategy that (1) prioritizes R&D for critical industries (e.g., gas turbines, metallurgy, pharma, etc), (2) inserts Pakistan as a producer of top-traded goods, (3) carves market access needing said goods, but at lower costs and thinner strings vs. the West, and (4) using our huge population to force favourable FDI arrangements whereby the auto-producers, consumer good producers, etc, manufacture in Pakistan with minimal imports.
Bhai, it's not that simple. Pakistan's literacy rate is below 60%:
You can't skip from 40+% of people not knowing how to write their own names to making gas turbines and pharmaceuticals. It was a long and difficult journey for China under the best of circumstances, and Pakistan's circumstances aren't nearly so favourable.
I don't believe in closing our borders and hiding; rather, we should get out there with a stick and slap everyone around us in line so that we, they, and everyone can live in peace and prosperity.
I don't think that'll go as you expect, particularly when the stick you intend to do the slapping with is provided to you by others.
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