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  • Any facility where we can direct message on here? Studying history at undergrad level and would very much like seeing your perspective on Pak history. Looking at setting up my own blog so other viewpoints from well read folks would be welcome.
    I understand, am not ignorant I appreciate its only a small minority. However I am very grateful to you and the kindness you have shown.
    for sure. Talk to you soon. PS-there seem to be interesting developments in the Raymond case. Check out my posts in my stats when you have time.

    Till later.
    no problem, if you decide to go there just let me know, i will also make a fresh ID as i havent been there for ages.

    take care
    hi buddy, do you remember that you posted a website in one of the threads which is closed now, go to that site and you will discover alot of things that you might not knew before. let me know if you go there, cuz i was a member there myself, i can meet you there too.

    take care
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