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PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

J-10CE will remain the primary 4.5+ Gen Fighter of PAF. It will be tasked to neutralize critical enemy aerial and surface threats using its advanced systems and lethal munitions.

PAF will integrate at least 3-4 squadrons of these fighters to maintain minimum deterrence!
Is this news true? If there was an official confirmation why is this account the only one who knows before the media or any official statement? Seems like he's making things up



That is very innocent of you.

Leaks happen way before official media release.

If you did not know that much---then---!!!!!

You won't like my comment---so I won't write it---.
At-least we don't have to buy American shit ever again. That era of buying F-16s is now gone forever. We can improve upon JF-17s and J-10Cs.

Good Riddance to American shit.
This American shit prove itself on operation swift retort

And American are also not eager to sell any fighter jets to Pakistan either
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