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  • No they have all beng integrated into the native cultures....for eg.... they can be found speaking punjabi and pashtu or any other regional language...... p.s=Pakistan s a kind of melting pot........ can fnd tjiks,iranians,mongiods(uighurs,mongols etc) arabs,uzbeks and others all speaking local language coz of the centuries of settlement in these ancient criss cross lands.....
    Bro turkmen,uzbek,mughal,kalugh turk,chugtais,turri etc are found in Pakistan.most of them speak the language of the areas they are settled in just like the rest of the people be them of arab,iranian or central asian origin.

    But yes chugtai is spoken not just in hazara region but G/B,nothern areas and parts of punjab.
    Hello sir,
    I am from Delhi
    I have request to you and hope you can pass on to other members since you are a senior member.

    Let us not discuss or tell about some strategic positions, demography of the area where you live and any establishment near to your house. I hope you can understand. Let's us be low profile. It's good for us.
    Through this form one can have a lot of information about our current Projects and planning without really doing a hardwork.
    Hope you will take this as a consideration.
    Thanking you!!
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