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  • Hi,
    Since long, I have noticed that you are a regular and serious member of this forum. I have seen Your presence in different threads, It seems you prefer to enjoy others discussing the issues on hand, and for that matter don't post or prefer to post very less. I my self am not in favor of needless and over posting but sometimes one need's to express his views in a decent way to bring much needed life and fresh food for thoughts to the discussion and in some cases also rectification of wrong concepts.

    You have spent ample time on this forum and i have no doubt in your abilities and the maturity of your postings, So I humbly suggest, its time for you to start posting and make valuable contributions to the forum. God must have given you some qualities which others don't have. Your expression of your views will definitely help others and will benefit them in gaining those what they don't have.

    God Bless.

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