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Jordanian Armed Forces JAF

Jordanian vehicle in service with LNA.

The pistol takes 7 mm and 9 mm at the same time with unique technology

Dual performance pistol, fast and easy to launch. It has advanced technology and 15% less parts than any similar pistol.

The multi-purpose pistol with the ability to easily install a laser pointer, light, and silencer without using a handy kit or a special kit.

The pistol is versatile and can be converted into a carbine gun by replacing the pistol grip with the sole of the shoulder. Note that the pistol grip is available in multiple sizes.

Flexibility of use and with various bullets, according to the nature of the tactical position..

Tactical Pistol (JTP - 9C) Short Bore

The JTP-9C caliber pistol was designed with a shorter hollow with a lighter weight and a smaller size and has the full advantage of the JTP-9 pistol. One of the finest types of polymers added to it is a special rail according to the specifications of the MIL-STD-1913 to install standard special accessories of payment and lighting aids..

The JTP-9 tactical pistol

The JTP-9 caliber 19 x 9 mm tactical pistol is designed to keep pace with the requirements of the high-quality military industry and to achieve the ultimate precision of injury and to serve the requirements and duties of special operations units and various security services. To achieve user requirements, the pistol has a handle made of the finest types of light-weight polymers with a surface that ensures the correct capture of the pistol in wet and rainy conditions and has a special rail according to the military specifications MIL-STD -1913 for installation of standard special accessories for targeting and lighting aids..
KADDB products in Jordanian army

RPG-32 vehicle mounted
View attachment 650805

View attachment 650807

Washaq vehicle
View attachment 650808

Modified Scorpion vehicle with 30mm, and other cannons.
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Interesting I never knew Jordan can produce military equipment. I will have to look up some videos about this and post them.

I found something on the internet

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Where did you get this my friend?

I found this recent picture from ASEAN ambassador visit to KADDB.


Original Mared 8x8 prototype in KADDB stand at Amman tank museum.


ASEAN visit to KADDB

It mean UAE want new tank but which one?

Abrams M1A2 SEPV3

Check this thread out by our brother @The SC and the first post with all the expected items the UAE is potentially requesting. Some pretty crazy incredible US-made military technology.

King Abdullah II supervises a mobilization exercise (the emergence of the Jordanian Leclerc)



The exercise included the implementation of a tight defensive battle, in which all kinds of maneuvering and support weapons were used, which began with the strategic bombing of high-value targets, followed by the preliminary bombing of the Royal Air Force and artillery, in addition to firing from various medium and light weapons and anti-armor weapons, and how the field air defense dealt with threats Various air forces, perpetuating troop movement on the ground by the Royal Engineering Corps.

The exercise aims to train leaders at all levels on planning and implementation mechanisms to reach the desired goals, and to enhance the integrated coordination between different types of weapons, to develop the combat capabilities of the participants in the exercise.

For the first time, the Leclerc (Zayed) tank was used in the exercise, which entered service this year, as it came as a fruit of the fraternal and strategic relations linking Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, as a qualitative addition to the weapons and equipment used in the armed forces.

At the end of the exercise, His Majesty the King expressed his admiration for the distinguished level, high efficiency and professionalism shown by the participants in the implementation of the exercise and the high spirits they enjoy.

The "Saladin Citadel" exercise comes as a continuation of the tactical exercise "Invincible Fortress", which the armed forces carry out at all strategic, operational and tactical levels to test the capabilities and readiness of the Arab army to operate in such operational conditions.





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