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  • Hello "Banu Al Saaib" I need your conversation for necessity, know where to find me ..
    This forum dose not represent Islam, Pakistan And thinking of Pakistani People. And thanks for your suggestion.
    Hey bro I am leaving this forum so i want to say Goodbye to you bcoz you are one of the most respectable member for me.
    ايش رايك؟؟ حولتلك صور القوات الاردنيه للمنتدى العربي و كمان خليته ستيكي من شان خاطر عيونك
    I more or less faced the same dilemma ! Either study - History, Politics, Literature and Philosophy at the University I wanted to and end up spending quite a lot of $$$ with little or no return ! Or I go for 'Accountancy' - Something I very much disliked, but it paid well and it as a whole package offered something that the other option couldn't offer - a Job !
    I wish I was half of those things ! I really do. T T

    So you hate 'literature' and 'languages' but you've got a degree in them ! What the heck were you thinking ?
    How about 'writing' ? One of the People I learned the most from, Friedrich Nietzsche, was a Philologist and a Philosopher who wrote some exceptionally hard-core stuff on 'Philosophy' ! Plus as an Arab you've already got a plethora of examples to look to - try emulating Khalil Gibran, his book 'The Broken Wings' is an all-time favourite of mine that I can never let down no matter how many times I've read it !
    Newspapers, yaar ! Comeone...grab a copy of 'Dickens', 'Shelly' and other juggernauts of the English Language. I'd give anything right now to be in a profession where I can do all of these things, to play with words and contribute my own thoughts to whatever these guys came up with and still get a decent pay cheque at the end of the day ! You lucky...lucky man ! A doctoral degree sounds like 'fun', my mom is currently doing her PhD in Environmental Ecology and in the 3 years I've seen her do it...its fun..a lot of fun but it also gets pretty hectic too ! So good luck with it ! :)
    Ahhh...good I always used to love those teachers who'd pass me with good marks ! Good Job Professor ! :)

    P.S Ever thought of taking up teaching as a permanent profession ? Perhaps even working in the Linguistics department at the American University in Cairo ?
    Nothing yaar trying to balance work and studies is a pain in the arse ! I'm spent...!

    What about you ? Did you pass or fail that guy that you were saying you'd be testing a couple of weeks ago ?
    I don't want to mention that i am female. people use inappropriate language (in posts) when they come to know that there is female on forum.That's why i changed my name. hope it's clear now.
    Joined an audit firm for a 4 month internship ! They sent me on a 'Stock Count' to one of their clients - a textile manufacturer ! So I've been kind of busy lately with that...I'm off to the office at around 7:00 a.m (morning) and then back to my home around 11:00 p.m (night) ! Today I checked 4 different units (spinning, weaving, dyeing and fabrics); in one of them (fabrics) I physically verified around 62,000 pair of jeans ! In the dyeing section I did the same with close to around 200,000 m of cloth but thankfully in weaving and spinning most of my work involved 'documentation' or other accounting work ! Damn...my back hurts ! :P

    Okay, I think I've showed off enough ! :D But seriously my back does hurt ! :(
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