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The Algerian Armed Forces.

Training Vessel Soumam 937 - 12.07.2023 : Plymouth - United Kingdom

I understand what you says, I partly share your idea, but indeed a modern army must be on top and give the best to these soldiers. What often gives the advantage to the armies is not that their clothing or more glass or that they have an M-4 modernized against an AKM, but rather the technological dominance, the support that the army sees again during a battle, for example in Afghanistan when NATO armies fell in ambush, they immediately asks for air reinforcement to have the advantage, otherwise they will be in troubles, despite their equipment.

Afterwards, yes, it's clear that when your soldier is better equipped, he has a better mind, when you give him more suitable shoes with better comfort, he will feel it on a daily basis, when you give him a lighter bulletproof vest , he'll feel it too, it'll be a plus for him, if you spend your days complaining about your foot pain and that your vest is getting in your way - you'll soon be in a bad mood for being there.

Also to have radios and individual NVGs, they should launch the mass production of this equipment which has become standard equipment in any soldier of the 21st century. I don't bury the Kalashnikov personally, it's an effective weapon, robust, reliable and above all easy to repair in the field with the first piece of scrap lying around on the ground so changing it would be a big mistake.
Once I heard someone said that,taking all the rifles away from the soldiers, and the army still could fight.
Night vision is needed as we could see in Ukraine war,and the type of light arm does not matter much.
Any ideas? such a large scale and extensive visit.





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They signed contracts and deals ,perhaps the biggest in Chinese history ,Most of them focused on transferring technology to the Algerian army

This is big. Perhaps there is a little apprehension of what direction Russia is taking and this not only opens the door for the best backup, but for domestic production also. Win-win.

They signed contracts and deals ,perhaps the biggest in Chinese history ,Most of them focused on transferring technology to the Algerian army
I don't know anything about Algerian defence industry so I would like to ask directly, could Algeria produce 155mm & 122mm shells?
This is of great importance according to the Ukraine-Russian war.
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