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Jun 16, 2010
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Jordanian Air Defence:


SP M-42 (40mm) = 216
SP M106 Volcan (20mm) = 120
SPZSU-23×4 (23mm) = 52


Patriot PAC-3 (3 btr.) = 12 launcher
MIM-23B Hawk (14 btr.) = 84 launcher
SA-24 Igla-S = 200
SA-14 Gremlin = 300
MIM-43A Redeye = 270
SA-18 = 240
SA-16 Gimlet = 240
SA-8 Gecko (12 btr.) = 50 launcher
SA-13 Gopher = 50








welll they are welll equipped too good to see they have good air defence system good to see middle east countries is now considering good air defence systems specially from russia hope pakistan learn from them few sams wont do the job
what's this Tank called?

Dear SilentNinja
The Falcon turret was indigenously developed by King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) in close partnership with the Mechanology Design Bureau and IST Dynamics of South Africa. It also uses some British and Swiss sub-systems. The Falcon turret was first revealed in 2003. The intended platform for this turret is the Jordanian Al Hussein (Challenger 1) main battle tank. Jordanian Army also operates Tariq (Centurions), M60A3 and Khalid (Chieftain) main battle tanks. These tanks can be also fitted with the Falcon turret. This turret is also proposed for export customers.

The Falcon is a low-volume and reduced-silhouette turret. It incorporates a Swiss RUAG Defense Systems 120-mm / L50 smoothbore gun, fitted with an autoloader. This gun is capable of firing all types of NATO 120-mm tank ammunition. It is superior to the British L11 120-mm rifled gun of the Al Hussein. Maximum rate of fire is up to 8 rounds per minute. Up to 17 rounds can be stowed in the bustle autoloader. Loading mechanism and ready-to-use ammunition are separated from the crew. Turret bustle is fitted with blow-out panels. Additional rounds are carried inside the hull.

Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. This turret is fitted with the latest generation thermal imaging, surveillance, navigation and fire control systems.

Remote operation of the turret enables full under armor protection for the crew members. Overall protection level is improved by reduced vehicle profile. Front of the turret is reinforced with composite armor. The Falcon turret has a built-in modular armor. Modules can be replaced when damaged, or when more advanced armor is available. Turret is fitted with automatic fire suppression and NBC protection systems.

The Falcon turret is fitted with auxiliary power unit, based on a small diesel engine.

Initial variant is known as the Falcon 1 (AB9C4) and improved variant is the Falcon 2 (AB9C5). Currently the Falcon 3 is under development. It will be fitted with a new autoloader, which will accommodate more ready-to-use ammunition.

source: MILITARY TODAY - Everything about modern warfare
Seems to me that JAF has a very strong Armoured Corp.
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Great thread, quite informative. It is nice to see such a well developed middle eastern military, you don't get too see too many of those these days. Plus, we would also like to see some air force pics..........

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