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Indian Navy Showcases Multi-Aircraft Carrier Power, Major Demonstration of Operational Prowess

They're ballistic missiles bro. Every modern ballistic missiles achieves hypersonic speed at terminal phase.
As far I know, the Zircon is the only scramjet powered hypersonic cruise missile in active service today and rest of them are under development

If you want to talk about carrier killer missiles, even Indians have them in their inventory 👇
Agni Prime can be manoeuvred at the point of entry into the earth’s atmosphere, a feature that is usually not available in a ballistic missile. This makes the Agni Prime more difficult to intercept.The ring-laser gyroscopes are more accurate.
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The last year test of Agni V was suspected to have included a Hypersonic glide vehicle due to the low velocity of the projectile as seen in the camera-shot images although DRDO and SFC remained silent on the issue. A familiar source described that "it may not be a test of Agni 5 and something much bigger

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No one's questioning India's missile program. Even Iran now has a hypersonic missile platform capable of hitting Mach 10+ (as claimed by Iran) so it's hardly noteworthy.

I'm merely questioning the thought process behind the deployment of these multi-billion-dollar aircraft carriers on a modern battlefield.

These carriers can't be used in any offensive capacity. Like I said, Chinese ASBMs can intercept it from 1,500 kilometers (claimed). While the MiG-29Ks have an effective combat range of just 850 kilometers. And that means, India will have to bring these aircraft carriers well within the range of DF-21Ds, just to hit targets on shore.

Sure, these carriers may take the enemy by surprise initially, but once the location of the carriers is identified by satellite, these behemoths are toast.

Long story short, aircraft carriers made some sense in the 70s - or perhaps if you're trying to crush pockets of unorganized gorilla forces - but up against an organized military force and especially with the emergence of A.I, I don't think these carriers stand a chance.

Per Wikipedia:

The emergence of the DF-21D has some analysts claiming that the "carrier killer" missiles have rendered the American use of aircraft carriers obsolete, as they are too vulnerable in the face of the new weapon and not worth the expense. Military leaders in the U.S. Navy and Air Force, however, do not see it as a "game changer" to completely count carriers out.

Overall, a curious choice by the Indian Navy.
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