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  • Hello good friend Archie, i think you might use a proxy sometimes to view this website(getting Sunday here). Anyway, please try and not using one as you get traced by the system and may lead to many complications.
    Your signature has banned content in it , i am politely inviting you to remove it because other wise i would have to do it myself and that won't go without an infraction.

    Hey dude, I couldn't find the exact commercial I was talking about, but I guess this will do ;)
    Same company, same method. The don't do it anymore though because it was a too obvious "sex sells" plug and people got annoyed.

    The margarine is pretty good though! ^_^

    u mean to say that AJTR is actually an Indian and still talk like one of them Pakistani trolls
    it was about the identity question u were telling yesterday about a certain Indian member accused of being a false flag
    see the signature of mine.. if u want clarification on what you have told me i will be happy to provide u ... there.
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