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Turkish Missile Programs

it has only 6 kg warhead
Same weight with MAM-C

You try to hit the enemy hangar, nothing happens. You hit the enemy runway, nothing happens

As I said I think it's only good for assassinations. Otherwise MAM-L is going to remain the standard payload for TB2 and hopefully MAM-T for TB3
Cruise missile from tusas.


What about the engine?

Turkish no doubt, Baykar will use engine of Idealab another Turkish company. What engine Tusas use we don't now but it could be a engine of another Turkish company.
İbrahim Sünnetçi, together with Cem Doğut, said in his broadcast in the ceremony area that an outsourced turbojet is being used in the development phase for Super Lightning, but will be replaced by a turbojet being developed by Idealab in the future.

man, Baykar are not coming slow with their surprises.

@Bilal Khan (Quwa) this is the perfect replacement for the Denel Raptor!
This is actually a small cruise missile. It's great for a surgical strike ops (in the sense that you want to hit a very specific target using a small warhead), but it doesn't exactly fill the role of the Raptor-series, which leverage heavyweight warheads. That said, this would be an interesting cruise missile to use from attack helicopters, such as the ATAK-2, among others.

IMO, this is borderline a tech demonstrator for a loyal wingman UCAV -- i.e., a 1-2-ton design for primarily deploying AAMs.
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