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The Royal Moroccan Army is a quantum leap in armaments

I think this is why Algeria is arming up as well.
The presentation of the first Moroccan-made military vehicle in the name of the African lion by the "FAR GROUP" group during the "fifth edition of the Industrial Days Forum in Morocco on the topic: "Industrial investment is the engine of employment and economic prosperity" organized on April 28-29, 2023, at the Hilton Tangier Al Houara Hotel..


Follow-up: A factory for the production of armored military vehicles in Morocco will be announced next week during the Industrial Days Forum in Tangiers.

The Moroccan Armed Forces are planning to increase their medium-range air defense systems, and in this context several systems are being evaluated, most notably the Israeli Spyder air defense system.



Spider is the best solution available in the market as a short/medium range system..

- Variety of missiles
- Radar with high capabilities

EL/M-2106 ATAR
EL/M-2084 MMR
They are the same as the Iron Dome radars
The detection range of combat aircraft is 250 km
The detection range for helicopters and drones is 60 km


- These radars can track up to 1,200 targets at the same time..
- Several missiles can be fired at several targets at the same time..
- The MR Spider uses derby missiles with a height of 16 km and a speed of Mach 4

- The SPIDER system is the only Israeli air defense system that has been integrated into the NATO air defense system, adding that the SPIDER has already provided a rapid reaction, low-level surface-to-air missile system.

It was recently revealed by the company that the Spyder has also been developed to defend against ballistic missiles..

Next is likely the Iron Beam:

Integrated air defense at its best!

Mica (short)
Spider (Short-Medium)
Patriot (medium-long)

Sky Dragon 50

In addition to the BARAK MX which is an integrated air defense in itself..

The Patriot official announcement on DSCA, Should close the air defense file for Morocco..
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Spanish media hostile to Morocco seemed to warn of the capabilities of the Moroccan army to strike the Spanish deep


Spanish media Morocco gets advanced technology
The weapons that Morocco obtained change the balance of power with Spain and in the region
The United States gives Morocco missiles that it did not even give to Ukraine
Morocco can destroy the cities of Seville or Granada in a few seconds

Spanish newspaper: Our country will not be able to sleep in peace after Morocco obtained the Himars system... and Rabat looks forward to Ceuta and Melilla

The Sanchez government in Spain, is smarter than these media outlets
In recent years, the Spanish government...Sanchez read the new reality in the region and understood that the issue goes beyond Spain to influential international powers around the world; The new Moroccan armament policy
Doesn't target Spain..

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar said that the military alliance between Morocco and the United States indicates a decline in Madrid's influence with Washington.

He talked about the decline of Spain's influence with the United States of America, and Madrid's loss of many "potentials" in Washington, in favor of the Kingdom of Morocco, which has strengthened its relationship with Washington more in recent years.

King Mohammed VI orders the establishment of the Royal Center for Studies and Defense Research

This sentence says it all..

"The ability to anticipate the future and the need to adapt to its emergency developments, as well as to carry out multiple and varied tasks in all circumstances and times, requires, in implementation of the orders of Our Majesty, continuous work to develop the planning and leadership system with the activation of a wide network of means of communication and information in order to carry out the basic tasks with discipline and professionalism."

Apparently, talking about the planning and command system is similar to Joint Domain Command And Control JADS2, and this last one must have a rapid maneuvering network, an Overall Network with a Network Functional Team, in a more precise sense, drawing lessons from the Ukraine war as a military reference in any future war.

And also ..An academic think tank concerned with defense and national security issues, geostrategic analysis, ways to deal with threats, and proposing strategies for military, security and civilian decision-makers.

Rabat, June 6 - The new head of Israeli diplomacy in Morocco, Ambassador Shai Cohen, said on Tuesday that there is "deep cooperation" with Morocco in the military field that is "growing rapidly" and is another reflection of the depth of relations and interests between the two countries.

Cohen said at a news conference

"There is a very deep defense cooperation. I cannot reveal everything for obvious reasons, but I can tell you that there are very big deals going on between Israel and Morocco in very important areas of military cooperation."

This cooperation takes place, according to the ambassador, "in practically all areas of defense that can be thought of, from border control, to the air force, air defense and all sorts of ballistic capabilities" and above all in offering "the most advanced defense technology to Morocco".



Here the target is hit from 400km by LORA..The CEP is less than 10 meter..


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The “Défense et Sécurité Internationale” magazine indicated that Morocco has acquired an unknown number of Chinese “Wing Long 2” drones, which are characterized by modern capabilities for maneuvering and attacking combat at low altitudes.

These drones have a unique offensive technology, as they can carry up to 12 missiles, and reach a maximum speed of 370 kilometers per hour.


Also.. In celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Moroccan Armed Forces, the Royal Navy recently presented its Chinese HJ-9A anti-tank system. This system was used in military exercises to enhance the capabilities of the Moroccan army and raise the level of combat readiness.


Designed to counter armored and armored vehicles, the HJ-9A system features a tandem warhead that can penetrate reactive armor to a depth of 1.2 metres. The system contains two separate charges to achieve effective target destruction at a range of up to 5.5 km. This system has a radar guidance system to increase the accuracy of the strike.


The HJ-9A system provides flexibility in various combat scenarios, as it can be mounted on vehicles or deployed on the ground..

According to a newspaper article
Le desk, which has precedents in publishing Moroccan military deals...

The Kingdom of Morocco is close to settling a deal to supply Israeli Merkava tanks

The newspaper did not specify in its headline the type of issuance that Morocco intends to contract for..


According to a newspaper article
Le desk, which has precedents in publishing Moroccan military deals...

The Kingdom of Morocco is close to settling a deal to supply Israeli Merkava tanks

The newspaper did not specify in its headline the type of issuance that Morocco intends to contract for..

why maroco need old tanks ?

Morocco to Purchase Israeli-made Delilah Short-range Cruise Missile



They say .. SOON on VIPER


Morocco acquires the Spyder air defense system and the Delilah cruise missiles..


Morocco is preparing to acquire Israeli-made Merkava tanks (Mark 2 and Mark 3). The potential sale is for a total of 200 vehicles..

The Israeli Ministry of Defense offered to Morocco the acquisition of part of its stock of Merkava tanks of the second and third generation. The Israeli offer received Moroccan interest, especially regarding the third generation MERKAVA Mk3 tank, which is characterized by good armor and a high-caliber cannon of 120mm, corresponding to the requirements of the Royal Armored Corps.

Moroccan interest did not reach the point of agreeing on a specific deal or signing any contract, according to what some newspapers went to, especially since the matter is related to used tanks, and it is necessary to agree on the methods of renewing and developing them, and the need to obtain spare parts for them in the appropriate amount, as well as the issue of ammunition.

And if a deal is agreed upon for the Merkava for the Royal Armored Corps, the main combat tank formations of the Royal Armed Forces will become the strongest on the continent, by the huge firepower and high mobility capable of confronting any threat that might affect the security and safety of the homeland, and it will also enable the removal and storage of tanks whose operational cost may be very high, such as the M48, SK105 and the first generation of M60A1 tanks..

It may be necessary to install the TROPHY active protection system on these tanks and generalize it to the rest of the formations and units of the Royal Armored Corps, after it proved very effective in protecting tanks and their crews in the battlefields in which it was tested, especially with the growing threat of anti-tank missiles..


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