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The Royal Moroccan Army is a quantum leap in armaments

Officially, AIRBUS announces a H135 helicopter deal with the Moroccan Air Force


6 on 12 have already been delivered..with an option of another 12..

The contract also covers an extensive support package including the delivery of flight training devices and the training of instructor pilots and maintenance pilots. The training program will enable the Royal Air Forces to take full advantage of the multi-mission capabilities of the H135, as it will be equipped with thermal systems, night vision and other systems.
A high-resolution image of the BARAK-8 ER system in Moroccan camouflage


Officially...Morocco gets Isaeli PULS launchers .. The most powerful missile launcher systems in the world

The 10 deadliest American weapons owned by the Moroccan army

The deadliest drones owned by the Moroccan army

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Drones and lethal weapons.. Morocco is preparing to enter the military industrialization club

The terrifying American weapons that Morocco seeks to obtain


More than 30 new weapons will be operated by the Royal Armed Forces between 2023-2025​

Officially... Morocco obtains the Merkava tank..and other important systems..


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