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The Royal Moroccan Army is a quantum leap in armaments

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Feb 13, 2012
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The army of the Kingdom of Morocco is witnessing a quantum leap in armament that relies on modern technologies with a strong firepower.. This indicates the desire of the Moroccan leadership to transform the army into a modern, automated army..

The Moroccan army began to depend on the quality of its armaments, with the development of the tactics used .. And the art of managing battles, planning, training and reconsidering existing strategies..


Let's look at some of the weapons in the Moroccan-Israeli deal..
A powerful force in attack and defense..

Drones are the weapon of the age and the most important element in the modern battle:

Hero Flying Tactical Systems


Anti-armor and strategic targets


The family of HERO systems consists of:



Range 10
Flight time: 20 minutes
Weight: 1.8 kg
Warhead: 0.2 kg



Anti-Light Vehicles - Intelligent tracking System
Range: 40 km
Flight time: 40 minutes
Warhead: 1.2 kg




Anti-tank and short-range strategic objectives
Weight: 12.5 kg
Warhead: 4.5 kg
Range: 40 km
Endurance: 60 mn




20 kg warhead
7 flying hours
250 km range


Hero -1250

Extremely lethal 30kg warhead
Long-range flight capabilities of up to 200 km


Suicide drones ..Tactical accuracy and operational effect..

Range 1000 km
6 hours of continuous flight
Designed to destroy air defense bases and radar systems
Equipped with an electro-optical finder
It can search and strike automatically for sources of radar signals and electronic warfare systems
If it does not find a target, returns to its base..
Or manual guidance at a specific target by the ground station
Launched from a launcher (storm of drones)


Harpy NG

Anti-radar systems and electronic warfare
9 continuous flying hours
Launched from a launcher (storm of drones)



short range striking drone
50 km range
The launcher can fire up to 16 planes

precision-guided anti-radar missile

A new generation of advanced precision anti-radiators with modern narrow frequencies and low radiation
Green Dragon and Greedy Missile can chase and destroy radars in motion or stationary

Guidance systems: EO / IR
Warhead weight: 15 kg
Range from launch pad: 40 km
Flight time until the target is detected and destroyed: 6 hours
Error rate: less than 1m
Launching platforms: air - ground
An infantryman can carry suicide missiles on his back




Drone hunter sniper
Dedicated to urban warfare
Range 10 km
The plane can enter through the windows and detonate inside


Drone Aircraft Super M.K Eye of the falcon

Snipers equipped with a hit-and-forget system
Missiles are automatically fired at the target through the reflected rays from the target
This is what earned this system the accuracy of hitting the target

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Iron Dome

short range air defense
Specifications of the missile:
superior maneuverability
Height 3 m
Weight 90 kg
The warhead weighs 11 kg. Explosives
Range from 4 km up to 70 km



Its Radar detects a missile launch and passes information to the control center
Calculates the expected point of fall and if this location justifies the interception of the missile or not


SPYDER Air Defense System

Rapid response anti-aircraft, helicopters, drones and precision-guided munitions



Spyder system, short to medium range, uses two types of missiles


Range: 20 km / altitude: 9 km / speed: Mach 4


Derby missiles with a range of 50 km / altitude of 16 km / speed of Mach 4


EL / M-2106 three-dimensional radar / detection range 110 km
Detection range of low-altitude helicopters 40 km
UAV detection range 60 km
Guidance: Active Radar - Thermal - Photoelectric


Barak 8 ER Long Range air defense system

Effective against aircraft and missiles.. 360 degree coverage

The range of the missile is 150 km
Speed Mach 2
Bi-directional data link for more accuracy
Autonomous Navigation System / Inertial Navigation System
+ Active radar seeker guidance


The missile uses a double pulse motor




The naval version is synchronized with the EL-M-2248 MF-STAR multi-mission radar
Radar range 250 km

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Spike ER2

The fifth generation of anti-armor missiles
Multi-tasking and multi-purpose.. High angle of attack and advanced warhead
Anti-armor and fortress
Anti-ship and speedboat
Range 16 km for helicopters, drones and ships
Range 10 km ground platforms





Fire and forget
Equipped with a wireless optical fiber communication link
Advanced seeker with high-precision infrared sensors to lock onto the target at long range
A multispectral target tracker
camouflaged target detector

TATT HEAT Super Explosive Fragmentation Warhead .. with the ability to penetrate 1000 mm tandem reactive armor..


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Great thread. Can't wait to see you finish it entirely
Sensor "WASP" system
A new generation monitoring system that provides high-resolution image .. Full Situational Awareness and Immediate Briefing

Detects and identifies moving targets and stationary ones.. Day and night, even in harsh weather
Direct and continuous coverage of an area of 20 km² .. From a height of 2 km

The system provides visual intelligence information in addition to artificial intelligence



ELL-8270 Misleading Pod

Designed to protect aircraft from radar-guided missiles
It jams and misleads radar-guided missiles
The pod is independent and does not require any power or data from the aircraft
A rope is attached to the plane that transmits deception signals to keep the missiles away from the plane
The pod can be returned to the plane or abandoned if necessary
Handles more than one missile at a time
It can be used by all types of light and heavy aircraft
The new ELL-8270 pod is the aircraft's last line of defense
The system is effective against all radar-guided missiles
It serves as the last layer of protection after all previous defenses have failed



ELL8270 new.jpg

Python-5 Missile

360 degree launch field
IIR . Imaging Infrared Finder
Flame Resistant and Countermeasures
The missile stores an image of the target to compare it with the thermal flares, for example
Missile speed +4 Mach
The missile has a range of + 20 km that can engage targets from very short ranges
very short range beyond vision
beyond visual range
Outstanding maneuverability and stalking capabilities
A Python missile can continue to pursue a target for a certain period of time after its fuel runs out


Derby missile

Air-to-air missile with a range of 100 km
Speed Mach 4.5
Maneuverability + 40 G
Dual pulse motor
After closing the missile on the target, a second propulsion system separate from the main propulsion system is activated, (This feature gives the missile extra kinetic and energy) .. It enables it to overcome the escape maneuvers carried out by the target at the last stage before destroying it


Spice 1000 guided bombs with a range of 100 km

Bomb weight 450 kg


Spice 2000 bombs with a range of 60 km

The weight of the bomb is 900 kg

AIR EW Systems

Capable of neutralizing and disabling anti-aircraft systems

The system contains 4 counter defense systems:
Sky Schield
Light Schield
Green Shield™

Sky Shield
To contain and neutralize the signals of large long-range radars


Light Shield

To disable near-range radars



To mislead the interceptor missiles targeting a fighter aircraft
It creates fake attacking planes to fly at safe distance

Green Shield

Self protection jamming pod


LORA missile

Surface-to-surface ballistic missile
A long-range missile capable of striking strategic targets
Top Speed: Hyper Sonic
Warhead high penetration velocity or 52 cluster bombs with high explosive and highly destructive
It can hit both stationary and moving ground targets
Launch angle: 60 - 90 degrees
It uses 600 kg warheads to penetrate fortifications
Missiles can be stored for 7 years before they need maintenance
The missile follows a ballistic trajectory and performs random or programmed evasive maneuvers
To ensure that it is not intercepted

Missile specifications:

Height: 5 m
Missile weight: 1800 kg
Warhead weight: 500 - 600 kg
Range: 300 km
Error rate: less than 10m
Orientation: GPS & TV





And there is more as we will discover with time.. Morocco is known to be very secretive about its weapons' procurements..

According to a Spanish newspaper..Israel will develop a local industry for the production of drones, which will enhance the Moroccan air capabilities, and will enable the Israelis to produce drones in large quantities and at a lower price in Morocco ..which will allow them to position themselves well in the export markets..
Didn't know they bought so many stuffs from israel.
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Spain is still too powerful being a NATO member.. Morocco is most likely getting good weapons and deterrence to defend itself.. it can't attack Spain..

Supposedly there is more .. and all with TOT..
they bought a lot of Chinese equipment as well, what is morocco's economic status, looks like they have some money to spend.
they bought a lot of Chinese equipment as well, what is morocco's economic status, looks like they have some money to spend.
Yes they have a $12 billion budget to spend this year alone..
Not only Chinese, but Americn too.. and there are rumors not confirmed yet of them buying 24 F-15s strike Eagle..

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Look at this pic....Moorish soldier looking north across the water. :lol: :lol:

They are allies today tho different times. Besides if Morocco was to do another Tariq ibn Ziyad they won't only run into Spain but whole of NATO it would be a massive miscalculation but aside from that both Countries are allies in today's world. It is a new world.

They have huge amount of trade, diplomatic ties and regional allies

Best to take Europe without force. Just keep sending migrants

Oh My gosh no just no.. Migrants are less than 5% in the EU won't increase beyond that besides EU has already an active frontline that is existential it may not be activated until years later but that is in East Europe so could fall militarily from that front NATO is not invincible it is just because they are an alliance of 30+ countries that has even extensions in other nations so if they were to run into an alliance with similar size or bigger it would be an uphill task example China could be inserted into East Europe via Russia
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