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So many attacks why is there no retaliation

Although its correct that ISI along with other major intel agencies are also poised towards another menace that started from KPK which is IK going nuts therefore resources of intel have been directed against IK and thus the saga of Black Revos (no not Vigo) began.

That's your own fault, no one is asking them to intefere in domestic affairs 😂

The 200 or 400 or so MRAPs are standing as sentry guards since base is the lifeline for any military.

Why were MRAPs deployed during May 9th :rofl:
There are Ops undergoing in different areas of KPK by FC and other LEAs including Army Regulars and SSG. One or two out of 10 Operations or so are reported in the media. Many Ops are kept secret from media and multiple Ops are undertaken undercover with the help of Intelligence agencies. The IBOs are conducted as Intel agencies are active in the region since Taliban take over. The statements in media are often diplomatic to pacify public, enemies and related countries. Pity the ones who thought that media is reporting that GOP/PA expects Taliban to assist Pakistan in curbing TTP and other terrorist factions from operating inside Pakistan. In intel community, there is always insurance. A plan was under way since Taliban takeover and anticipation was there that TTP will not listen to Taliban. The major incident that started this thinking process was when TTP terrorists were released from Afghan jails by Taliban when USA fled. That prompted an increase in number of personnel for ISI and also sanctioned more budget for FC (which why I disregard any statement on PDF that Army controls FC budget and also that MOI is influenced by Army). Although its correct that ISI along with other major intel agencies are also poised towards another menace that started from KPK which is IK going nuts therefore resources of intel have been directed against IK and thus the saga of Black Revos (no not Vigo) began. The third menace in KPK is that KPK separation party which sides with Afghanis, I forgot the name. The 4th issue is FATA and its merger into KPK along with the writ of GOP activated in KPK.

This background was necessary to give to know what FC is up against mostly. The intelligence agencies operating in KPK range from military's ISI, CMI etc to IB, FIA and then FC's own intel Dets. There are Afghan sympathizers in KPK and its impossible to wash their minds regarding Afghanistan as an anti-state element for existence of Pakistan, on the contrary, there is a certain group of population in KPK which wants to drag KPK into Afghanistan if they could.

Wherever Paramilitary or regular military gets deployed, that area brings roads, infrastructure and communication to the region. KPK is a difficult region to operate in just like Baluchistan. due to the terrain the only "lakkar hazam, pathar hazam" vehicle is the bloody Hilux and then the trucks for cargo. The 200 or 400 or so MRAPs are standing as sentry guards since base is the lifeline for any military. A military base overrun means military cannot have presence in that area anymore. For 50,000 FC troops, some 5000 MRAPs are required. This is all about priorities now. Time is of the essence as usual. In the meantime there is upgradation as well as establishment of facilities taking place. In last 4 years some $10 Million was spent on new training facilities in KPK for FC. A QRF has to be fast in speed along with light weaponry to contain the situation while there are no helis available to FC like Little bird (MD500 series).

COIN is a warfare consisting of factors like intel, CQB, mobility and psychology. FC was brought up to that level with the help of US funding, training and support from Pakistan Army. Since FC has been doubled in strength in the past decade, this means double the number of Army officers need to get deployed for command and HQs. That leads to shuffling officers from different cadres and arms to be deputed to FC for command and staff purposes. This brings in the story of technical officers leading FC wings (battalion strength ~600-900 troops). Further on, more ISI and SSG troops are deputed in the region for operations. FC is supplemented by Levies and khasadar troops while FC (frontier constabulary) is called in when civil situation gets out of hand. Its a volatile region outside major cities. The technology aspect of FC has been upgraded but it would have been prudent to ascertain an IT sector predominantly led by Signals officers yet here we are seeing technical officers commanding troops in operations and battles.

I do blame MOI for not raising a competent rotary element and also a technological facility to facilitate the new kind of warfare that FC is up against. The human resources become cannon fodder when many factors like fire power, mobility and safety are missing and unfortunately FC has little resources of all three of these. Even then Peshawar Corps HQ has both its infantry Divisions embroiled in COIN Ops instead of trainings in regular military operations poised against Indian Army.

This is just a gist of things.
Brilliant post.

As you are well aware, terrorism is mainly driven by ideology which is nurtured by people who exploit communities or groups who feel they have lost a sense of agency or feel disillusioned and disenfranchised.

To counter the menace of terrorism what you need is a cultural change, this comes initially through a deep dive study into the drivers of terrorism.

Borum's Four-Stage Model of the Terrorist Mindset

Despite the noise, we do have a good understanding of the drivers that cause people to move from "disillusioned and disenfranchised" to "disgruntled" through to the "activist" stage - this is the stage where you need to counter the toxic narrative though a number of confidence building measures in the community which can range from inclusion in the democratic process and to build a sense of "ownership" for the communities and a unified identity.

What is required now is for the larger public to understand the "bigger picture" which is a working strategy which needs to consist of education, information, communication, prevention, protection, engagement and enforcement. Fighting ideas with guns and bombs never works in the long run. What is needed is to starve the vipers of their pool of potential recruits by wining hearts and minds and changing the sense of "us against them" narrative.

We need to re-examine our COIN strategy in line with the established "three pillars" of COIN and to do this we need to look at the present conflict ecosystem.

We understand the security and political motivators behind insurgency in Pakistan, we need to start addressing the economic drivers behind the present situation, and work hard for narrative building around counter-ideology, counter-sanctuary and motivation.

What some members here are choosing to ignore either due to ignorance or arrogance by dismissing the relevance of removing Afghans from Pakistan is Kilcullen's strategy on counter insurgency spheres. Kilcullen argues that the conflict ecosystem comprises of the following:

1. Sphere of civilian control and spheres of influence: the civilian population and the influential groups [see PTM et.al], the force behind influence and "clash of civilisations" comes from
1a. Population stereotypes: Entity Stereotypes [see ethnofacism]
1b. Human cognition: beliefs, values and interests [validation of stereotypes and building of "filter bubbles"].
1c Education and lack thereof @PakAlp
Aarhus model argues that these issues mentioned in [1] and the mindset o [clash of civilisation/orientalism] is then capitalised on by 2:
2. actors including: Insurgents, hostile non-state actors
We need to counter narrative building by hostile non-state actors and persistent threat actors at the first two stages of the Borum Model:

To counter this we need to focus on revisiting the counterinsurgency doctrine and how we deal with countering violent extremism [CVE]

To help achieve this we need a better understanding and narrative building around "us/them" mindset.




Whilst we have a good understanding of commentators such as Bushra Gohar Mariam Solamankhil, lets just examine closely one popular Pashtun opinionator on SM:

A closer examination of the popular hashtag #AfghanRefueesInPakistan and visualising the shares and content across multiple platforms shows us engagement and content is driven by a few accounts and retweeted by bots:



To counter this anti-state narrative building by we need educated, informed and unified counter-narrative campaign on SM beyond that provided by the likes of Pro-Pakistan Army SM accounts and opinionators, I propose that patriotic Pakistanis focus on developing accounts similar to NAFO:

We need to adopt a holistic approach to internal security, This is achieved through what is called ICE: Information, Communication, Education - this can be audio, visual, written or communicated through social mobilisers like the polio education scheme, Afterall terrorism and violent extremism is no different to any other pandemic.

The key here is "Early intervention" "Early Engagement" and "Public Cooperation":

Only through achieving community "buy-in" and active participation can you counter the menace of terrorism, deny terrorists the funding, freedom of movement and space to share their toxic ideology with a powerful full spectrum counter-terrorism and CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) strategy.

Such a program requires a broad spectrum of input from professionals from all walks of life ranging from humanitarians, community activists, educators, academics, legal professionals, health care (including mental health) professionals, law enforcement, military, and policy makers.

One successful model that I would like to seem adopted in Pakistan is the UK's CONTEST counter-terrorism strategy:

To give citizens a stake in countering terrorism both at the prevent and protect stage Pakistan should consider a program in-line with the popular "First Observer" scheme in the USA:

Ultimately, Information, Education and Communication are just as vital to our counterinsurgency efforts as bombs and bullets.

-Just my two cents. -
You have to come to the realisation your intelligence agency is not fit for purpose. Most likely hijacked by the Sharifs to snoop around on their behalf.
You're a leftist like the others here. If you leftists are against them then they must only be good and the military is smart not to let you 5th column in.

Pakistan can purge the namakharams like Iran did.
This week we have witnessed several deadly attacks on the armed forces. Dozens of militery personal have been murdered, from a bloody hidouse raid at Mianwali air base, to a bomb attack in Gawadar and sniper fire in other areas. For 20 years we have witnessed never ending attacks, death and destruction of Pakistan, its people and army.
Families weeping to bury thier sons and family members was a regular theme.
The nation has sophisticated weapons, missiles, drones and fighter jets, why are they not being deployed? Why is there no retaliation? We only see such weapons on display during parades. Nations who saw similar levels of terrorism have began to see some stability and an improvement in security, yet Pakistan is finding itself embroiled in never ending attacks.
Under Bajwa weekly attacks by rag tag sandal wearing militias across Balochestan became a weekly occurrence. The same is happening under Munir, incompetence resulting in Pak soldiers losing thier life and militant attacks becoming more daring and sophisticated. With no response, it is giving more confidence to the various terrorists to continue thier war on Pakistan.
If army leave her involvement in everything, then there will be no such attacks on Pakistan. At the moment, USA is trying her level best to make Afghanistan abd Pakistan fight, but due to the criticism of some Pakistanis, army of paid, the paid slaves of anyone, are unable to to do that.

USA is an evil that needs wars to stay alive. The best way to kill USA is to kill wars.
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