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Powerful Late Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and Pakistan

A Muslim general was killed in an act of terrorism yet the place is full of retards who are badmouthing him only because he was a Shia. He was more capable of an army commander than a majority of Muslim commanders of other countries put together.

I am not a fan of Iran because of their pro-Banya stance but that doesn't diminish the fact that Suleimani was a capable military leader, smart and genuine to his people and his cause.

May Allah grant him maghfirat.
Maybe he was smart and genuine to his people but he wasn't necessarily doing Pakistan any favours.
Maybe they're not badmouthing him because he's Shia, maybe it's because he was anti Pakistan like the rest of the Iranian government.
I don't think Pakistanis should necessarily be praising him just because he was capable as a military commander if they feel he had threatened Pakistan in the past.
Pakistan should never trust Iran. she has betrayed us on many occasions in the past. Even we gave our nuclear tech and they exhibited it to the whole world and kulboshan using their territory to infiltrate our land is enough proof that we should not involve with them.


he was the same to in Feb 2019 blamed Pakistan for some attacks in Iran and took side with India to pressurize Pakistan.

I think US did the right thing as sulaimani and his qurd force was like OBL and al qaida.
Major General Qasem Soleimani , the commander of Iran’s Quds Force who was killed in a US air strike in Baghdad on Friday, had an illustrious career as a spymaster and military strategist and a celebratory status in Iran. Always a defender of the Islamic revolution, Soleimani reported directly to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and, of late, was the main architect of Iran’s recent foreign interventions, mainly in Iraq, Syria,Lebanon,Gaza,Israel,Afghanistan,Yemen,Pakistan and beyond.

Throughout the world the Iranian backed organisations demonstrated against his assassination and Pakistan was not behind. In most of our major cities people vented their anger over the US act to kill him.
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Though the vast Majority of Pakistanis are not happy by the US action to assassinate him and create Regional instability. But General Soleimani did threaten Pakistan in the past on numerous occasions with serious consequences and vowed to take revenge.

Still we Pakistani hold no grudge against the departed soul,but was the late hero without any controversy!!!Some Iranians also saw him as a villain.The death of Qasem Soleimani by Iranian artist Mana Nayestani.

The thing that we Pakistanis must do now is to Strengthen our unity. Do not fall prey into any conspiracies that might play into enemy hands. And most importantly our Establishment/Govt should not be lured into some paltry Petro/US dollars for our services. As these gimmicks have cost us dearly and manifolds in the past. Inshallah we will not take their bait as their ultimate goal is our instability.:pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan:

Yes we must help Iran once again so they throw us under the train for smallest of the deals.
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