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AESA radar is a type of radar that uses a grid of small antennas to steer and focus its radar beam. This allows for faster, more precise scanning as well as the ability to simultaneously track multiple targets. AESA radar has increased resistance to jamming.
The most awaited moment in the history of Pakistan Air Force, first batch of J-10C aircraft over mighty Karakoram Range after just entering Pakistani airspace.
PLAAF J-10C Omni role fighter jet spotted with new pod. Seems to be latest YINGS-III airborne targeting Pod of AVIC [330/360/390mm]. The 230kg day / night capable pod is similar to AN/AAQ-33 Sniper ATP ; Low aerodynamic drag design with light weight for stability at High mach.

Can anyone help me with an issue I have:
So far all but one J-10CE delivered have 22-1xx serial numbers with 22-119 in my list the highest number, But now we know 23-107!

So was the 7th delivered later or did the numbers start again with 23-1xx and so we already have also a 23-101 to 23-106?

I just made a rough list of what I have ... 22-101, -106, 111, 112 (all grey) ... 113, 114 and 119 and 23-107 (green/grey)
PAF has a history of messing around with serial numbers, on purpose to hide total quantity.
They do it with AWACS fleet, now with J-10C
Did you know that J-10C's HMDS is also capable of displaying augmented reality (AR) overlays,which can be used to highlight important targets or obstacles,display flight paths,and provide other tactical information allowing pilots to operate in a complex and dynamic environment.

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