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Dar greenlights plan to raise $2bn from overseas Pakistanis

Dar must be taking some crazy Drugs to be assuming overseas Pakistani will support this setup.... Almost 95% of overseas Pakistani are PTI Imran Khan supporters... Like me.
95% of overseas Pakistanis are supporters of PTI and Imran Khan.

We have no trust in the PDM coalition of corrupt haramkhor traitors. We no longer have trust in the military leadership to do the right thing for the nation as a whole either.

Until the situation is completely stabilised in Pakistan, with a respectable and trustable government in place, with transparent book keeping and an accountability system, we should not send a penny.

When the above is done, inshAllah I will gladly contribute.

Dar greenlights plan to raise $2bn from overseas Pakistanis​

SWIT volunteers to raise $2m interest-free loan to help sail country out of financial crisis

Salman SiddiquiFebruary 02, 2023

finance minister ishaq dar photo reuters

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. PHOTO: REUTERS

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Thursday gave the go-ahead for raising $2 billion from overseas Pakistanis to help the country navigate the current economic quagmire.
Speaking at a conference titled 'Defining a roadmap for Islamization of Pakistan's economy', Saylani Welfare International Trust Chairman Bashir Farooqi sought the finance minister's approval for voluntarily raising $2 billion from overseas Pakistanis using the charity's global welfare network.

Middle finger for you and PDM for taking away our voting rights.
Overseas Pakistanis cannot demand rights if they are unable to demonstrate their responsibilities and duties towards Pakistan.

First they need to prove their loyality, faith and patriotism towards Pakistan before they are considered worthy of any rights.

If this kind of stunted brains are getting drained to Canada than more power to Canada, I hope Canada take up few millions more.
Now is the time for the overseas Pakistanis to demonstrate their patriotism.

Standup and be counted.

No thanks we won't send a single penny to the forsaken corrupt families, why did this stupid government take away our voting rights.
Overseas Pakistanis should demand full voting rights with EVM.

Nothing short of that should be agreed to.

Dar is a certified thief, figure fudger, back pain faker, money launderer, corrupt, economic hitman.

Nothing coming out of his mouth should be trusted.

And thanks to the boys who brought him on a PAF jet.
Is this not foreign funding what Army/ISI and PDM registered case against IK.
Now they are begging same overseas Pakistani's for money, give it a few more
months they will be selling their mothers and sisters in Heera Mandi.
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Middle finger for you and PDM for taking away our voting rights.

Oh Bhai, NOBODY has EVER taken away voting rights for overseas Pakistanis, as you and many others are claiming here. Any overseas Pakistani can vote according to the defined procedure, which always required traveling to Pakistan to vote, until IK proposed the change. The real, and only, issue here is whether they can vote while sitting abroad, whether at home, or by going to a Pakistani embassy or consulate.

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