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Dar greenlights plan to raise $2bn from overseas Pakistanis

So you consider IK equivalent of Prophet (PBUH) ?

We all follow his Sunnah... Yes .. we emulate him. That's why we are called Sunni.

The Prophet married a Jewish Lady, the Qur'an allows it... And many of the Sahaba married Jewish women. So we all follow him. So to does Imran Khan.
I preach what I practice. On an average I send thousand dollars every month to Pakistan.

For me Pakistan and Islam will always be above politics.

Give access to your profile because search feature is not giving the complete list of your posts.

And do soon as you are going to be banned.

Dar greenlights plan to raise $2bn from overseas Pakistanis​

SWIT volunteers to raise $2m interest-free loan to help sail country out of financial crisis

Salman SiddiquiFebruary 02, 2023

finance minister ishaq dar photo reuters

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. PHOTO: REUTERS

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Thursday gave the go-ahead for raising $2 billion from overseas Pakistanis to help the country navigate the current economic quagmire.
Speaking at a conference titled 'Defining a roadmap for Islamization of Pakistan's economy', Saylani Welfare International Trust Chairman Bashir Farooqi sought the finance minister's approval for voluntarily raising $2 billion from overseas Pakistanis using the charity's global welfare network.

Middle finger for you and PDM for taking away our voting rights.

Good God for them to even think this is viable shows how far they are from reality.
They won’t be given 2 rupees….
I'm still convinced that dude is a troll.
I am sure he is not troll but pure pmln supporter who thinks he will get away by supporting corrupt people and at the same time talk about pakistan, patriotism and Islam.

This is because where he been taught in his younger age "Khata hai tou lagata hai". He should feel something bad inside after seeing this pmln corrupt people and their lies.

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