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  • Be careful when you follow the masses........ sometimes the "M" is silent
    It happens when , when 'Ms' are srownded by stupid wazeers (Umar bin Khattab - RA)
    Thank You, I do parallel much of your view myself. I'm still learning about this but I fear that most of the educated youth is turning increasingly towards secularism because they've been fed up by this endless religious hypocrisy of the Mullahs. What I fear is that in the process of ending religious hypocrisy we are increasingly thinking of dealing with the 'religion' part much before the 'hypocrisy' and what this would do with Pakistan is that it'll in many ways negate the raison detre of Pakistan. If you read 'Iqbal's Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam', in it, the Allama, talks about us Muslims having fallen into blind Taqlid (imitation) and have given up original thought. What he proposed was a State where the Parliament conducts Ijtihad (consensus to form a legal opinion) to reinterpret Islam in the light of modernity. I fear that that dream would be and is, being lost. Khair...take care !
    Oh nahin Lovey bhai, I was asking in the context of a 'Secular Pakistan'; but I'm not in favor of Secularism per se because I find the 'Separation of Religion and Politics' irreconcilable with some of the more 'communal' injunctions of our faith i.e economy that runs without 'Interest' or 'Shariah' or even the 'Personal Laws' of each religion. At the same time I wouldn't want a Pakistan either where 'Cheeenk maaarne se pehleee bhi Molvi seee pochnaaa parheee ke huzooor ijaaazat hai'. In essence what I'd rather Pakistan becomes is a 'true democracy' where everyone has a 'right to express' themselves i.e a Jew can table a resolution in the Parliament which he derives from 'his Book' without someone saying that you're bringing 'religion into politics', just as a Muslim, a Hindu, a Christian and an Atheist can do the same. Kiya khiyaaal hai ?
    It looks ok to me - if it remains like that - more people would be interested to watch it - so I am leaving it as it is
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