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  • Do negative and positive ratings have a limit per week/month etc.? Does it depend on who one is besides an admin? Thanks for your kind answer.
    Dekh bhai. Aisa koi toofani forum nahi khol liye tumne. Acche se salon rahe but gali aur insult nahi sunenge. Koi gali dega to jisne gali de uski galti. Reply ka Haq sabko hona chaiyee. I am done once and for all. Do qodi ke forum ke liye nahi sunenge.
    I didn't know Youthia is taken as slang word specially when mentioned to address a group instead of someone specific. Anyway apologies if it is wrong as per group rules. I have deleted my posts and try not to use it in this thread again. 😇
    @WebMaster The thread was titled "seven players from xingjiang in team". Anyone with common sense would understand this as an attempt to highlight xingjiang- but for some reason you consider my response , with quoted evidence, to be trolling ! Why this injustice ?
    سر جی،
    Which post/comment warranted warning ⚠️?
    And what rule was violated.
    We all agree opinions are subjective does not matter how much we consider ourselves objective.
    I have requested for my username to be changed. This is for personal and security reasons. Could you kindly do the needful. Thanks.
    i get threat from mod but i get strike from you. why mod threatened me ? is he on payroll from AGHA KHAN?.
    you have azad kashmir flag on your profile, for giving me strike for absolute bull sh it reason you should remove the flag.
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