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Are Women being abused in Jails by Punjab Police? Rana Sana Ullah Press Conference raises fears!

Interesting advice.. some body forgot to tell the indians that in 1971..

Besides China won't tolerate a hostile Pakistan or a US vessel state on it's borders.

They haven't done it for us, we did. We took their weapons. You are asking for China to come in and do it for you.
Imported Gov and Punjabi police shouldn’t forget that they have females in your family too. Always remember what you sow so shall you reap!
Name the woman who was raped.

Basically you agree with the treatment that was meted to safdar ki bv? And you will find it perfectly fine when that happens again in future (because it will, rana khota and that safdar ki pari have set this precedent themselves)
Smarty pants, this doesn't happen in jail, no one is that stupid to commit this in a jail, all this happens in na maloom muqam and hawalat.

Jail intizamia is different from people who actually initially arrest and take to police stations.

Even she added a disclaimer ..

"BUT THEN AGAIN I CAN ONLY TESTIFY FOR ADYALA JAIL. I don’t have any idea what’s happening elsewhere"

PTI spokesperson mentioned jails:


These are legal cases with evidence collected by barristers. I will not name anyone, suffice to say the slap on people like you is coming very soon.

Just keep dancing to this tune. I have screenshotted this post to show you the mirror 🪞 when that time comes.

Will be waiting.
Them and thousands more, they are just the ones who have a social following so they get mentioned. Many, many girls are still in women's jail without fan, water and sub-human living conditions. Many are reporting stomach problems and are falling ill, these jails are not designed to house so many people so close together for such a long period of time, the sanitation system is non existent and there is the issue of custodial torture and abuse.

Point being - this is a test for the people of Pakistan, for the men to speak out. These are our mothers, daughters, sisters...

False propaganda like this:

They are not missing, they are in police custody and being presented before court of law regularly.
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پارٹی چھوڑنےکیلئے کسی کا دباؤ تھا نہ مجھے ڈرایا دھمکایا گیا: ابرار الحق

میرا آئینی حق ہے کہ میں سیاست دوبارہ جوائن بھی کرسکتا ہوں لیکن فی الحال ابھی میں نے کنارہ کشی کرلی ہے: گلوکار کی لندن میں صحافیوں سے گفتگو
How do you know he is telling the truth? He knows if he tells the truth they will again put him behind bars and torture and threaten him. Even the blind and deaf know what happened. but you will keep trying their shxt as sugar.

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