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Are Women being abused in Jails by Punjab Police? Rana Sana Ullah Press Conference raises fears!

80% of it is probably PTI propoganda
Yeah, like we all didn't see how Usman Dar's mother was being shoved around by Policemen and the curtains were drawn.

Not like a young woman wasn't dragged by her hair by Policemen and now she's being charged in AT court or the disabled girl who was being dragged
The reason why the Rapist is doing press release is some where the news story is picked up with International Media or authorities

The Mafia police is not allowing police reports to be filed however some where some gaps have appeared which is why they had this panic press release

I have already seen videos of women in police center waiting to file rape charges and the Police guy refusing to file the request
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If anyone demands removing Islamic from Pakistan's name these so-called Islamic people will be infuriated.
Reminds me of a joke.

There was a guy who never observed fasting. But, he would regularly wake up for Sehri and be there for Iftar. Someone asked him, why do you make the effort if you are not going to keep a fast. He replied: "Roza te me rkhda naen, je inna vi naa karan te nira hi kaafir ho jawan?" (I don't fast but you want me to stop having sehri and iftari so that I become a complete kaafir?).

Ab harkatien to hamari Islamic he nahi, naam se bhi Musalman hata den to niray hi kaafir ho jaen? :lol:

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