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'New washroom with 5-foot-high walls, door constructed at Imran Khan's cell in Attock jail'

You speak too much truth. Beware of the 'Online Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue' mandated and launched by the Caliph of Riyasat e Medina himself after '27 year of political struggle'.
I didn't know both sides hate me
Noonies hate me for me saying he has zero support in KP and only 1/3 in punjab

While PTI hates me for stating he has no support in SINDH and parts of punjab

Reality is PMLN is being hammered pretty bad and PPPP Is enjoying this but PPPP is forgetting they will be next given how they have made the president, parliament and consitution irrelevant

The fact that elections didn't happen and president is being made mockery will only hurt PPPP as now anyone in punjab can topple PPPP govt..they may have good relationships with establishment but that's not a grantee

And given a precedence was set we will see it used in future too. Govt will be toppled and president/senate orders will be ignored in name of "I don't not like it"
Can't believe they arrested one of the most patriotic and honest leaders in our entire history

This is not incompetence but indifference, how can one see this as anything other than a rent-seeking mafia?

There's literally nothing positive to show on their end - only negatives.
They should hope that they never lose elections to Imran or his party. Such nasty actions usually are paid back in kind.

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