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Are Women being abused in Jails by Punjab Police? Rana Sana Ullah Press Conference raises fears!

For PTI folks, everything happening to them is happening for the first time in history of mankind.

If Yasmeen Rashid is sick, she should be treated by specialist doctors in jail, if more medical aid is needed, she should be admitted to hospital, if treatment is not possible in Pakistan, she can be sent for treatment abroad. If she is feeling lonely than her whole family can be shifted to jail.
And this is your justification “first time in history’. You are one deprived sick SOB.. I hope someone near to you gets treated like this.. then this will put some sense in you.
On second thoughts that would be impossible your head is so far up the asses of the crooks that you wouldn’t know right from wrong..
Since last year April 10, 2022, all govt machinery is used illegally by occupiers of GHQ. travesty that a general viciously rips the TRUST given to him, usurps power and abused the trust.
All terror activities by the orders of illegal asim munir and dg isi and his hounds.

We shall see justice will be done.
terror and illegality cannot continue forever because these generals could be vicious thugs but they are dumb.

کفر کا نظام چل سکتا ہے لیکن ظلم کا نہیں۔
امام علی۔
Are Women being abused in Jails by Punjab Police?
Most probably yes
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