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Rana Sanuallah says 'enough evidence' found to start proceedings to ban PTI

Is gorillay ki banda mooch Kat dy aur dentonic ky bander ko liga dy. Phir dono ko chandy ligae.
PMLN will be signing irs own political death warrant if it bans PTI.
They already have , seriously I think they want chaos in Pakistan by killing PTI supporters and raising the stakes as they can’t win elections so anything to avoid elections .This is going to be their last stand ,it is also possible the CJ may be poisoned or blackmailed to go against PTI.
Very sad situation in our country.
punjabi dangar Mafia going crazy.

punjabi previously attacking baloch muhajir sindhi and now pukhtun. pathetic cocksuckroach they are.
what rana di is enough evidense that he is some of swine not human at all .
Either the statement

" Pakistan's judicial system is lethargic, marred by autocratic tendencies with a working model of the 19th century and have no physical capacity in handling the needs of the 220 million people "

holds true. Or

" Pakistan's judicial system is top notch where multiple cases falling under multiple jurisdictions can be adjourned and all through a seemingly transparent and accessible system through which PTI chairman and it's top level cabal have accustomed themselves to "

Both cannot be true without admission of preferential care under which PTI operates.

Don't believe me? file a simple theft case for your buffaloes and see what timeframe you get. The elitist tea party mob has caused enough circus in the country for anyones liking. Schluss damit
There is a difference between issues that concern the entire nation and your own personal family issues.

Your argument is bad.

Issues that affect the entire nation always take priority. This is especially true when it comes to political instability.
Because she is angry....

yaar ais Ranay kanjar nu te pata pao, ais tu wada haram zada kisay ne nai jamya

They arrest PTI laders, awan should drag these haramis on the streets,

jab fouj kay khalaf naray laga saktay ho to in kutto ko kiyun nahi martay.

and he has to present in court too..
Pujab ka IG kehta hai they do not where Rana is, they cant arrest him.

NS ne saray Haraami akhatay kar kay saray mulk mae laga diya hain. sab haramiyaain ka baap NS.

Preferential treatment of PTi is going to continue unabated.
by whome?

All are trying their best, but Pakistani awam is on IK / PTI side. they keep trying but keep failing.
Why do the folks got mad at these maggots' at the first place? They're just the stooges under the Deep State......

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