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  • Bhai jaan kabhi khyber tv channel dekha hai??
    They have pashto comedy shows. Im sure there are Sindhi Balochi channels as well. I remember me dad posted in Multan and they had Seraiki channels there.
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    Thanks for reaching me. Yes i see khyber tv. There are various Local sindhis channels approx 20 channels. But bhai Geo and Ary and others are our national channels. Anyway it's their case. I am very familiar with the punjabi language. Have many punjabi buddies. I have no issue with any local punjabi. Sorry if I hurt your feelings if any.
    I agreed that his educational works are trumendous on those dark ages but i dont find him as a muslim,
    He is an athiest.....
    Nice post regarding the gadar Syed Ahmad Khan. I dunno why our ppl close their eyes to the fact. He supported the brits and if u read his letter u really feel disgusted to find him a low level goro ka pithu.

    However, its contribution towards education are commendable.
    Salaam bro,

    whats your name? I have been reading your posts since last year - but never got an opportunity to know your name
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