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  • Asalam o alaikum sir...How are you ? I need to take some advice from you...
    Walikum salaam. Sure
    Any E-mail id ? You from ICAP-FCA as i remember ?
    My father's doing much better; his good old self now. Alhamdulillah. Family's doing good.

    Hope all's well at your end.
    I agreed that his educational works are trumendous on those dark ages but i dont find him as a muslim,
    He is an athiest
    ref Salafi/Ahle Hadees in Pakistan protest against JuD/LeT

    does the video show anywhere that the protesters are indeed Deobandi or salafi? I missed that bit
    I'd just like to clarify my statement that 'religion is a plague'. I only said that in context of the fact that at least half of the problems in the world are because of religion and people's intolerable belief in them. I don't have anything against a particular religion, or even the concept of religion, per se. I just don't like what religion has lead to in today' world.
    In general I could think of three reasons that Delhi and Lahore are not as twin as I was expecting they would be: Firstly, Delhi is the capital of India, it is incumbent upon it to make an impression on the world, and so it tries. Secondly, Pakistan is constitutionally an Islamic nation, which has made the entire nation a majority with non-minority population, not just Lahore ( just stating what I could gleen from different sources! I have nothing against this. Only, the other religions should not be discriminated against. Hope they're not!). Thirdly, there are economic differences and global perception differences. This has made Delhi bigger in population, and in economy. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE POINT OF THE THREAD. You recognized what I was trying to say: that Lahore and Dilli are cultural twins!

    Sorry for this essay; sometimes when I sit down to write, I get carried away. And did it really snow in Lahore? How often does that happen?
    Delhi has it's most beautiful parts and they are in abundance, but there are the terrible parts too, and I see some of them as I travel daily. But this is like any major city would have, even the likes of London and New York. And Lahore would too. I tried to make people move away from this stuff towards culture and history. I was too lazy and sleep-deprived to get anything myself! You're right when you say that Delhi is still multi-cultural and multi-religious ( I personally think religion is a plague on the world, but it has its uses). Delhi is, as a city, the most tolerant of the big cities, atleast more than Bombay because we don't have a Shiv Sena!
    I'm glad I can find people who agree with me, however few in number they may be. I'd read up a lot about Lahore and Delhi before I started the thread to get alternative opinions, and did I get them!! People are too crazy to admit their is anything in common between Pakistan and India in general. I'm crazy enough to think that we have had thousands of years together and just seventy odd years as enemies!

    That Lahore and Delhi can be considered Twin cities wasn't something I read on Wikipedia, but in some literature of the early 20th century, as you said you did. I made all those points and stated them clearly on the thread. The only thing Lahoris had to say was that they have a cleaner city and the only thing Delhiites had to say was that they have a metro and an airport. I mean, move on!
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