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  • The Lahori's who left Lahore in 1947 were a cultural assets of my city. Unfortunately we had no trouble with each other expect after March 1947 which will always be the saddest part of the city i dunno what was the reason and i do not care if it was Tara Singh shouting Pakistan Murdabad or killing of innocent sikhs in Rawalpindi and Muslims in Amritsar but the fact is humans died on both sides, Punjabis died on the both side.

    Regarding good areas and bad area. This is true i am sure people in our forum will be comparing a slam in Delhi with Defence or Lake city and vice versa.

    I will always rememeber an old Indian lady asking me on a transit flight "Gujrawala wich hun ve pelwan hondey ney" and the anwser was yes
    I suggest u visit this site
    BTW have u seen 1883 maps of Lahore and Delhi.
    I know its difficult to talk reasonably on these forum. Due to some bad experiances on Indian defence even i get carried way some times but deep down i really want peace. No body likes war, they really sux.
    BTW my wife's family is from area near Delhi call Panipat :) I have dream of visiting three cities Istanbul (which i have visited), Isphane and Delhi ( and eating at Kareem's)
    Any ways nice to meet u. BTW i don't think religion is a plague except we should have big enough hearts to let anyone do what ever they want to.
    Saw your post regarding Lahore and Delhi. I am a Lahore history and culture freak. Would like to know more about Delhi.
    Comparing the two maps of cities Lahore and Delhi has alot of similarities. A Jamia Mosque, fort garden British cantonment etc. I have read alot of books about old Lahoris now living in Delhi. Those people are still nostalgic about things which still exists in the city. The only thing which has now been absent and it still exists in Delhi is that Delhi is still a multi religious and cultural city. Lahore is no more that (that does not mean Lahori's a in tolerant now, which most of the Indians tends to belive).
    Will be waiting for your comments.
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