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  • Brother i was extreemly busy, and whatever time i had, i utilized it here on PDF, u'll see my posts there soon.

    I see you too share the interest. Interesting picture, very historic and memorable, very sad moment as well. I will never forget that photo and moment, it will forever live in the scrolls of Islamic History.

    Take care

    Regards, A1Kaid
    اردو کی اچھی اچھی سائیٹس کے لنک آپ کو مل سکتے ہیں اس سائیٹ پر
    software upgrade kar raheya thaa .... i think by valentine we will relaunch it.. thodi kudiyan labboo.. ;)
    I dunno he was just the symbol of unity for all Muslims. Had there been a caliph now it would have been unlaw ful to wage any war without his consent :) Meaning peace except caliph himself is a war monger ;)
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