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Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) News & Discussions

Maybe no. 4?

not yet to be 075 for sure. One more deck to go and we can tell.

But what else should it be? IMO a 076 is unlikely, dimension-wise it fits perfectly and most reliable spotters agree it is a 075

After a long absence in this part of the forum I feel like posting here again

And it would seem that now the 4th x Type 075 LHD is taking shape in HZ

And it would be out with the PLAN production pattern to build just one unit rather this seems to be the start of a the next batch of 3 units ?

Which means PLAN amphibious ambitions are bigger than what we first thought

With the 3 units commissioned and 3 more on the way it signals that China is planning a large Amphibious Ready Groups (ARG) based around 1 x Type 075 LHD + 2 x Type 071 LPD

Where the LHD carry the air components and LPD the ground forces

4 x Type 726 LCAC in each LPD and 2 x LCAC would give 10 x LCAC per ARG

Each one can carry 3 x IFV or 1 x MBT

This could land upwards of 30 armored vehicles on a beech head from a over the horizon landing

4 x Z8 on each LPD and 12 from a LHD could carry upwards of 400 marines from helicopters

Together this could form a outflanking maneuver on a island where massive forces are inserted in a short period of time from sea, land and air
9 x Z8-C on deck

very good but now start to mix them with the naval Z10 and Z20

and a Z8L Naval version would be great to see on deck

I would add

4 x Z10 attack
2 x SAR Z9C
2 x Z18 ASW
2 x Z18J AEW
12 x Z18 transport for marines

around 22-26 x rotary wing in addition 602 institute unmanned rotary wing
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