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How Will China Fare With Covid? ‘Meaningless’ Data Clouds the Picture.

Serious, the way you are talking sounds like an Indian. Fork tongue, there is an old joke in Singapore and Malaysia, see an Indian, see a snake, whack the Indian first.

Well you are implying as if reopening is dissatrous, so if we don't reopen, we get scorned, if we reopen, we collapse? Wtf? Mrna again? Told you my uncle in Sg got. Cancer a month after pfizer vaccine, that shit is dangerous, that's why until today China did not approve it despite having a candidate domestic vaccine, the same reason GMO food crops are banned in China.
He is a white lackey whose only care is to totally discredit and defame whatever China or Chinese does in the world with distorted and twisted facts.


This is exactly what happened in early 2020 and led to world shortages of N95 masks and PPE items.
Impressive granular data released by the HK government.




Coronavac: Sinovac
Comirnaty: Pfizer
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