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  • HJ10 is Spike ER alternative, not Spike NLOS. NLOS has 30km range (50km air launched) whereas HJ10 is only 10km.

    Unfortunately I'm banned from the Ukraine war thread.
    What was the casualty count on the Chinese side? Would be interesting to note ...
    1 in critical condition, 2 with severe injuries, two dozen minor injuries

    No fatality
    yeah I asked them about it and I'll ask them again. Only a mod there, can't do the admin stuff.
    Brother, are you interested in joining a formal translation team on the Chinese Defence Forum where we can translate long Chinese military articles, journals, and forum posts?
    Hey, would you join the new Chinese forum if I complain to the admin about the colour? We're hoping to get more knowledgeable posters.
    Talking about one single riot like your cesspool of a country is doing better is laughable. The LA Riot in 1992 must mean United States was doing worse than Vietnam right? Did Agent Orange leak into your head?

    Heard of your gorvernment set up curfew in Guangdong today....
    Thanks for writing back, I think I agree about all thing you mentioned.

    WRT speeder, I'd kindly ask that you stop poking him, reading what he writes is not good for my sanity. lol.
    You've raised some interesting questions in the "Party work in armed forces" thread. You're right the party is not the nation nor should the army be loyal to the party. That's said what would cause a change to the status quo? There's very little incentive (none really) for the Army to be loyal to the people and I think many Chinese (perhaps me too) have the sense that we are putting off reforms like a dentist appoint for the sake of now. Anyways I'd thought I'd get your thoughts on it.

    p.s. why are you even bothering with speeder?
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