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Bro If that the case, they wouldn't need 30 Tonnes Class Elevator onboard Type 076 LHA
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But yeah, who knows?
Every option is still on the table at this moment, until this Type 076 LHA commissioned
Yes bro that's exactly another reason why I doubt any manned jets like J-XY or J-15 are going to 076. The tender is aft (aka "in-deck") elevator, not deck-edge. The 30 tons mentioned should be rated capacity (when ship is docked at port), it's a normal value for structurally simpler aft elevator, I believe current aft on 075 is also 30 tons, in fact from Tarawa onward till Wasp/America all employ similar config with an aft of 80,000 lbs (plus deck-edge of 40,000 lbs).

If manned jets are to be operated like 003, deck-edge elevators with high rated capacities are needed, like the ones on PLAN's existing CV. Taking into account that operational capacity at sea is further reduced (to say 80%), I think rated capacity for deck-edge elevator on 003 should be between 40~50 tons, or even 130,000 lbs as in Nimitz class which can lift two medium jets at a time.

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Thanks for sharing these great photos. BTW, has the 2nd one got a name yet?
Nothing official yet, some hearsay suggests "Guangxi" (32) but anyway it should soon be revealed when it enters service. Looking forward to a nice ceremony like first ship "Hainan" (31) which entered service on the same day with a DDG 055 and a SSBN 096.

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Four new recent images of the soon to be commissioned second Type 075 LHD - expected to be named PLANS 32 "Guangxi" were posted today.

And there is indeed something covered up on the bow (black square) ...

(Images via by78/SDF)




Name with a southern province but in service in East China Sea fleet? This is quite confusing though.
any VSTOL version of J31 coming out of China for LHD carriers ?
Nope unless there's a disruptive tech that defies gravity.

Take F-35B as example, empty weight at 14.7 tons, max vertical thrust at 18 tons during a good sunny afternoon, deeming VTOL (vertical take-off & landing) almost tactically meaningless. In fact F-35B practice STOVL (short take-off & vertical landing), which means the flight deck still has to be cleared allowing enough room to operate. But the very purpose of building a LHD is so that marines can use their helos on a flight deck, let's not take the deck away from them.

When jets are needed to cover the sky above the marines, there are better options than STOVL aka the CTOL (conventional take off & landing), those jets are based on a ship purposely built with arresting gear, catapult and angled deck.

J-31/XY/35 or J-15T will be CTOL jets operated from CATOBAR carriers only, no VTOL/STOVL variants needed cos they serve no purpose.
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