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POF-X | A Modern 9mm Self Defense Weapon by Pakistan Ordnance Factories

I would have difficulty getting a license Pakistan let alone buy G19 :). Btw I don't own one because i don't like to collect i have my firearms that i absolutely and need for hunting and personal safety.
I believe you just caught part of this discussion 🙂. I was actually questionping ppl who think 92fs is an old design. In my opinion it is not. Glock was brought in some comparisons and for what it offers and if price is not an issue it is great. I have tried pretty much all various guns on the range. Glock’s grip angle I always found it to be more naturally pointing for me. Still did not think of buying one. I just have a sig p365xl and a Sarsilmaz Sar9 that I take with me in the woods with +p rounds. Otherwise sig suits best for my needs.
It seems POF has removed the sidearms section from their website

can anyone confirm if they are still selling those ?

and maybe update on the process as well ;
It’s ok. We gotta start somewhere. Afterall China not long ago was being criticized for reverse engineering. We will make it one day :)
It's ok, start with a copy of a modern gun.

No offense. But in our times that is a bit of a stupid question. Almost every nation has side arm issued to officers. Unless they are higher up the chain away from the frontlines.
He didn't got your point correctly, he is talking about pistol as main weapon not as a sidearm.

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POF-X is a modern self-defense weapon chambered in 9x19 Para. It has been produced by POF and being sold by Wah Industries LTD, a subsidiary of Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF). It's a modern self-defense weapon, that is being offered to civilian users in Pakistan at an attractive - introductory price tag.

If any of our members want to buy this handgun, you can follow the links below.
Contact Details: exports@pof.gov.pk sales@wahindustries.com
Where can one purchase this firearm? I have emailed @sales@wahindustries.com but no response.
I want a weapon which is reliable, made with precision đź‘Ś machines and not by hands.
Also can a student apply for All Pakistan license issued by the Interior Ministry? (also mailed them but no response). I am a student (25 yrs of age) doing bachelors in strategic studies from NDU Islamabad, I live in Rawalpindi in an area where street crimes are getting more and more common. What are my chances of getting POF X and an all Pakistan license?
A detailed explanation would be very much appreciated. Jazakallah.
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