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  • thnx sir.one more thng.going for ms directly after be.is it good thng?or i should spend 2 years in industry?
    and also i should chose govt like (pieas,sparco,kinuup) or go for private sector like proctor and gamble ?
    salam sir.
    meri be electronics ki degree complete ho gai.aur main embedded system main master karna chata hoon.what u say?aur canada aur germeny main se kon se option best hai?
    aur ap kis waqt on line hote hain yahoo per?
    ما يقدر طيزه تحكه من اسم سعودي و يشوف الجيش و يخاف لازم على طول طيزه تحكه.
    Could you do your post in Myths about the Urdu language again.
    I just made a massive mistake while trying to quote you and ended up using the edit post option rather than reply.
    Thanks and sorry again.
    sir g give me advice.i should go for embeded system engg or solid state engg?
    aslamu alikum.
    bro don't you think that we should need a thread regarding syria.where we can update the death toll of syrian people.every day 30 syrians die,but no one cares.
    by opening the thread we put lot of presure on asad supporters.you can do this batter coz you hae access to arab media and can understand them better than us.
    Pakistan has a decent educational system by South Asian standards. Alhumdulillah.

    Universities such as NUST, LUMS, and Aga Khan University should be indicators for the ignorant!

    We can give our Kashmiri brothers in IOK a decent education.
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