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  • Salam brother.

    Will you please accept the role as a moderator on the Arab section of PDF? There is currently no Arab moderators and that has been the case for over 2 years now. There is hardly ever any trolling outside of a few Farsi trolls polluting the section with nonsense occasionally. @WebMaster supports you.

    Please consider this role. We need an moderator on the Arab section and you fulfill all the criteria.
    الله يسلمك و أنا كمان ما أبغا المسؤليه لانه لا يريد مسؤوليه الا انسان أهبل .
    انت خيار افضل. انت باكستاني و تتكلم عربي. أتشرف اذا انت كنت رئيس القسم.
    متحمس للقسم العربي هاه؟؟؟ ماشاء الله
    Sir for your information most Madrassas teach Arabic and for your information most who know Arabia are far more strict about Islam and more radical than those who don't know
    لا هذا اسمه تملق او ممكن تلميح بتهديد
    يالله انشاء الله قريبا نصير كونفدراليه. والله لو صرنا كونفدراليه انه للعالم كله يشخ على نفسه مننا. و الولهم ايران
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