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N 219 is started being mass produced in 2023 inshaAllah

AlhamduliLLAH, N 219 Amphibious development will get more boost by the target to get FAA license. More development will likely be seen next year, there is high chance that one prototype will be started being built next year.


Quite confirm now, N219 Amphibious prototype will start being build next year (2024) inshaAllah. The fund has already been prepared. I expect the plane will be completed in the end of 2025 and first flight will likely be conducted in first semester 2026. The design will be an improved one from N219 basic version.


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The focus for this near term production is for N219, NC 212i, and CN 235 planes. Later, if the development of Elang Hitam Male UCAV and KF21/IFX are completed inshaAllah, then the focus for mass production will be for five types of aircrafts inshaAllah. N 219 program is also undergoing development on its amphibious variant.

Look like N 245 program is delayed

Elang Hitam MALE UCAV

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KFX/IFX program

It seems that the Indonesian aviation industry is quite advanced. Just curious. But why collaborate with SK to develop KF21? Should Indonesia not develop the 5th generation fighter like Turkey alone?
It seems that the Indonesian aviation industry is quite advanced. Just curious. But why collaborate with SK to develop KF21? Should Indonesia not develop the 5th generation fighter like Turkey alone?

It seems we can develop it if we get European consortium help and ambitious leader. Korean also needs to get Lockheed Martin help to develop KF21, the same thing like Turkey needs to have assistance from BAE system for TFX.

Well India seems to be more confidence, we will see whether their AMCA can be a successful program or not, time will tell.....

The problem with Indonesia is that we still prioritize economic development. At least until now that is what we are still witnessing. We dont have ambitious leader like Erdogan at the moment. This is why our R80 program is still stuck despite its basic design has already been completed and we only need around 1.5 billion USD to develop the plane until it gets type certificates.


Korean first come to Indonesia in 2009 and ask our government to participate in their KF21 program. During that time, we dont have any aspiration to develop any fighter jet and more focus on transport plane. In 2009, Indonesia was still developing N 219 so we were still focusing on that plane.

The Korean proposal make Indonesian gov is also now pursuing jet fighter program. I think KF21 program is an ideal thing for us, I doubt our current leader have determination like Erdogan or Modi to develop fighter jet without any partner.
For update Information (Directly from my source in Indonesian Aerospace)

The component manufacturing facility for aluminum part in Indonesian Aerospace get more capacity this year that will be beneficial for all products made in Indonesian Aerospace, including for N219 and KF21/IFX mass production (for Aluminum made part only).

For composite manufacturing for KF21/IFX, it still needs additional fund to build it.
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RI's Ambition to Launch N219 Amphibious Airplane, Needs This Much Money!


19 June 2023 20:00

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas revealed that the state will allocate IDR 210 billion for manufacturing or prototyping and international certification of the N219 amphibious aircraft.

This was conveyed directly by Deputy for Economic Affairs of the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti during a working meeting with Commission XI DPR, Monday (19/6/2023).

Amalia explained that the budget for the Deputy for Economic Affairs of the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas next year will reach IDR 246.8 billion, of which 85% or IDR 210 will be allocated for the manufacture and international certification of the N219 amphibious aircraft.

"The indicative ceiling is IDR 246.8 billion, and IDR 210 billion will focus on the development of the N219 (amphibious version) and this is what will be awarded to the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in collaboration with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI)," explained Amalia.

Amalia said the N219 amphibious aircraft's development budget of IDR 210 billion is intended for prototyping to international standard certification, so that it can later be commercialized.

The development of the N219 amphibious aircraft made by PT DI, said Amalia, is also a pilot project or the first collaborative project between the government, academics and the business world.

"This is a pilot project to concretize triple helix collaboration between government, academics and the business world," said Amalia again.The process of making the N219 amphibious aircraft, said Amalia, is currently still in the process of making the floating kit, so that later it can be integrated with the N219.

Previously, certification for the N219 aircraft had actually been carried out, but only to national standards. Currently the government is carrying out international certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) so that it can be commercialized.

"Later, if it is commercialized it will become commercial, so it can become an air bridge that connects the smallest places to other places (in Indonesia), as well as reviving the Indonesian aerospace industry," explained Amalia.

Amalia also said that the regional government also needs the N219 amphibious aircraft, so that they can freely attract foreign tourists, to be able to provide foreign exchange for the country.

Moreover, Amalia said this N219 amphibious aircraft does not require a large airport, so the costs incurred by the regional government will also be efficient."The region needs it. At the same time, if you use amphibians, you don't need to build an expensive airport, just a water-based port," she said.

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N219 production line is planned to be expanded.

Current N219 assembling facility

Bandung, 19 October 2023 – PTDI Public Relations

As an effort to expand exports, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) agreed to collaborate with Linkfield Technologies.


This collaboration was marked by the signing of the Reseller Agreement document by PTDI's Director of Commerce, Technology & Development, Moh. Arif Faisal and Director of Linkfield Technologies, Patrick Goh, witnessed by the President Director of PTDI, Gita Amperiawan in the Plenary Meeting Room, Management Center Building Lt.9, PTDI, Bandung.

In this case, PTDI is collaborating with Linkfield Technologies which will act as a reseller to carry out marketing and sales activities for PTDI production aircraft, such as the CN235-220, NC212i and N219, to meet the needs of military and commercial aircraft in the Chinese region.

This collaboration is a form of PTDI's commitment to not only present a figure in the aviation industry at the global level, but also bring in foreign exchange and multiplier economic effects."China is a very good partner, especially in terms of technology, manufacturing capabilities and large market potential.

We will develop a joint business strategy starting from reseller collaboration with Linkfield Technologies. In this way, we can encourage the development of technology and the market for the N219 aircraft, so that in the future the N219 can become a highly competitive product in China. This will also be our challenge in the future to be able to increase N219 production capacity. "Together with China, we will also optimize its supply chain and manufacturing capabilities for the future development direction of N219," said Gita Amperiawan, President Director of PTDI.

PTDI as a member of Holding Defense ID continues to innovate to realize downstreaming, to increase exports, not only focusing on producing defense equipment, but also commercial market products. As stated by the Director of Linkfield Technologies, Patrick Goh, PTDI will also attend and participate in The Aero Asia (Zhuhai Airshow) on 23-26 November 2023 in China, as the first step in penetrating PTDI aircraft products in China.

"We are very proud of aircraft products from Indonesia, because for the last 50 years everyone has been trying to build large aircraft for routes from big cities and internationally, but they forget that we still have connectivity problems for people living in rural areas, which have not yet been developed. and there are access problems, there are no trains, no roads, unless you have an aircraft like the N219, which can then increase economic development in rural areas," said Patrick Goh, Director of Linkfield Technologies.

N219 military transport version

Recent photo in N219 Assembly Hangar. Canadian Business delegation visited PTDI.


Indonesian Aerospace will modernize the production facility for CN 235 and N 219 program inshaAllah which also will increase the production rate of these programs. If all of the modernization program is completed which is expected to happen in middle of 2024, then CN 235 production rate will be 8 planes per year (from current 4 planes per year) and N 219 production rate will be 10 planes per year (from current 2 planes per year).


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