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India is the most under-performing cricket team in white ball history | Too much Ego & Pride but nothing to show | England stars expose India


Nov 1, 2010
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England Star ex-Captain Michael Vaughan: India are the most under-performing team in white-ball history | India has nothing to show​

India is actually the "worst under-performing white-ball team" in the history of the game. Team India's humiliating exit from the T20 World Cup 2022 raised many eyebrows.

While Pakistan has won many trophies, as recent as ICC Champion Trophy in 2017, repeatedly coming into Semi-finals and Finals, on the other hand India after MS Dhoni's team defeat against Pakistan in Finals in iCC Champion Trophy has had a serious psychological impact with repeated failures in white ball. India was badly defeated with 152/0 against Pakistan in 2021 Worldcup in Dubai and 170/0 in recent Semi-Final against England.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has described India as “the most under-performing team in white-ball history” for their repeated failures to win ICC events despite the wealth of talent and resources available to them.

India’s defeat to England in the 2022 T20 World Cup semi-final at the Adelaide Oval continued a run of disappointing results at world tournaments. Their last triumph in an ICC event came in the 2013 Champions Trophy. Since then they have made the knockouts of every ICC event during MS Dhoni's captaincy, barring the 2021 T20 World Cup, without tasting success. They were beaten in the final of the 2014 World T20 and the 2017 Champions Trophy and fell at the semi-final stage of the 2015 and 2019 Cricket World Cup and the 2016 World T20.

India won the ODI World Cup on home soil in 2011, but they have since suffered a string of defeats in both ODI and T20 competitions during MS Dhoni captaincy, Virat Kholi and now Rohit Sharma's complete failures, India failed to live up to their reputation as cricket's richest and most talented side. IPL has had a major effect on Indian empty trophies.

“India are playing a white-ball game that is dated, and have done for years,' the veteran of 82 Tests wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald. 'I am just staggered by how they play T20 cricket for the talent they have. They have the players, but just do not have the right process in place. They have to go for it. Why do they give the opposition bowlers the first five overs to bed in?”

Vaughan criticised India for their empty trophy cabinet, describing their approach to the shorter formats as “dated”.

“India are the most under-performing white-ball team in history,” he wrote for the Telegraph. “Every player in the world who goes to the Indian Premier League says how it improves their game but what have India ever delivered? Since winning the 50 over World Cup on home soil in 2011 what have they done? Nothing. India are playing a white-ball game that is dated and have done for years.”

As well as not making best use of the IPL as a finishing school, Vaughan also cited India’s failure to getting the most out of the talent available to them and a lack of top-order bowling options as holding them back.

“How they have not maximised someone like Rishabh Pant is incredible,” he said. “In this era, put him up the top to launch it. How have they only got five bowling options when you think 10 or 15 years ago all of India’s top six could bowl a little bit – Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina, Virender Sehwag and even Sourav Ganguly? None of the batsmen bowl so the captain has only got five options. I’m just staggered by how they play T20 cricket for the talent they have. They have the players, but just do not have the right process in place.”

Vaughan pointed to India’s lack of intent with the bat, and their plans with the ball as reasons for their defeat to England.

“They have to go for it. Why do they give the opposition bowlers the first five overs to bed in?” he said. “We know in T20 cricket the stats tell you a team needs a spinner who can turn it both ways. India have plenty of leg-spinners. Where are they?

“They have a left-armer in Arshdeep Singh who swings it back into the right-handers. So what do they do defending 168? They put on Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowling outswing to give Jos Buttler and Alex Hales width. Where is the left-arm seamer swinging it in to Buttler and Hales in the first over? Madness. Cramp them for room. Do not give them a chance to get off to a flyer in the first over and settle nerves.

“It is fantastic what India brings to cricket with the IPL and their fans. To see 88,000 at the MCG for a dead rubber against Zimbabwe was marvellous for the game. They are so important for world cricket but for all the advantages India have, they must win more.

“Even in their own backyard at the 2016 World T20 they did not reach the final. They were nowhere last year. This time it took an outrageous innings by Virat Kohli, probably the best in T20 of all time, to beat Pakistan in the group stages. They massively underachieve for their skill levels.”

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Read more details : https://www.mensxp.com/sports/crick...india-crashing-out-of-t20-world-cup-2022.html
They boast because there is really not much to boast about in India anyway.

Dead last in all health/human FDI indicators and development measures. Just a dump with some odd bright spots.

So whatever small achievement is made, it is trumpeted and puffed up 1000%.

Little do these andh-bhakt H1Bs realize one cardinal rule, "LESS IS MORE".

They’re now thinking of having dhoni as a coach, they seriously think he’s their answer to all their cricket issues.
Dravid couldn’t, Shastri couldn’t.
Dhoni was already their mentor last yr when thy lost in uae. Lol

Can’t seem to think beyond dhoni. “Soooopetstar kojhli” lol
They’re giving that ordinary batsman kohli too much importance and stardom.

Lets face it, all teams r decent and capable on their day. World doesn’t revolve around ipl/india.

Stop glorifying ordinary cricketers fir likes and views and sensationalism
After Pat Cummins, Starc, and English player Sam Billings, now Australian captain Finch also decided to quit IPL and registered himself for the PSL this year. That's serious damage to IPL. Some say personal reasons and some say others, the fact of the matter is, everyone knows the real reason behind these unusual withdrawals.

The cricketing world has realized after many years that instead of playing such a cricket where you only have a dead flat floor, where you can easily put 200/220+ runs on board and then do the chase successfully without facing any lethal bowling.

Why would anyone play a league where you have to bring good bowlers from outside? Instead, It would be better to play in a league where you already have speed guns. Facing them on odd pitches will definitely make your batting skills at the highest level and eventually help you to confront a good bowling attack in big tournaments.

Yes, by playing IPL you can make a handsome amount of money there is no doubt about it but whats the point of playing cricket then? There are many other fields in which you can make more than that. I hope BCCI and IPL administration realize this before its too late.
This is called Indian Cricket Bollywood style
...bunch of crap output from its Cricket organization of recruiting new
& upcoming Talent. Now this talent if they have any within India is a BIG question mark !!! See where there is corruption there is theft from country. And India is great at falsification, fabrication, data manipulation, cheating statistics, lies & total rejection of Truth. Needless I say more, I rest my case simply.
Indians are facing the heat. Indians are psychologically depressed by England and Pakistan alike by 170/0 and 152/0 defeats. Banned Pakistani players in IPL and their own players from playing foreign leagues and the result has impacted India negatively. Bringing politics in Cricket.

IPL has destroyed the real Cricket skills and competitive nature of fair bat and ball fight.

Indian sports media strong reactions on England stars attack on Indian Team and BCCI: Watch this

Hubris is the answer bcci does not allow it's players to play outside the ipl whereas other players don't have such restrictions they get to play psl bbl bpl etc. so they have more exposure to other conditions
After winning the 2011 WC on home soil, India won the CT 2013 competition, beating England on 🇬🇧 soil by five runs in the final after overcoming South Africa, the West Indies and Pakistan in the group stage, followed by a semi-final victory over Sri Lanka

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