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India is the most under-performing cricket team in white ball history | Too much Ego & Pride but nothing to show | England stars expose India

After winning the 2011 WC on home soil, India won the CT 2013 competition, beating England on 🇬🇧 soil by five runs in the final after overcoming South Africa, the West Indies and Pakistan in the group stage, followed by a semi-final victory over Sri Lanka
Australia and England mat bhoolna

ghar me ghus k maara hai goron bsdk waalon ko

Of course, he is correct. Money can facilitate your intent to accomplish your goal. But if your goal is timid or quite average to be a good cricket team within 4-5 good teams within the cricketing world, then excellence can not be achieved.

Forget about India, definitely, we are not living up to the hype that is being generated by our media. Take the example of New Zealand. It is such a small country where Rugby and soccer are the primary sports, even if they could reach the semis of major cricketing events, is an accomplishment in itself. ICC should showcase and market the example of New Zealand to other associate nations about how an associate board should conduct and popularize cricket amongst their countries.

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