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2025 ICC Champions Trophy || Biggest ICC event in World Cricket || Sparkling Matches || Hosted by Pakistan


Nov 1, 2010
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ICC Champions Trophy 2025 | Biggest ICC event in World Cricket in 2025 | Sparkling Event | Host Rights Pakistan

After 8 Year long wait, ICC Champions Trophy is Back | Challenging Matches with just 8 Top Teams | Qualification Scenarios for Finals | New Style New Structure | New Rules | New Excitement

Struggle for Teams to Finish at top-eight finish at the World Cup could provide long-term stability by attracting new sponsors, new media rights, new money and participate in the largest event in year 2025, "The ICC Champions Trophy 2025" in Pakistan.

It will come with new stadiums and upgraded current infrastructure of facilities, lighting systems and stadiums. The Current Champions are Pakistan.

The 2025 ICC Champions Trophy will be the ninth edition of the ICC Champions Trophy, a cricket tournament for the eight top-ranked One Day International (ODI) men's national teams organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It will be hosted by Pakistan in 2025
. Pakistan was announced as the host of the ICC Champions Trophy on 16 November 2021. Official logo and new ICC song will be released soon.

More Details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2025_ICC_Champions_Trophy

ICC Champion Trophy in Pakistan is coming, Who will be the Champion :

We should hope England to qualify for the CT in 2025. Otherwise, it will be a big loss for the tournament to miss one major test-playing nation.
Host Pakistan ? Really ?
Big question mark as to who will be willing to travel to pakistan.
At the most matches will be played in UAE.
Thought India not coming to Pakistan for ICC Champions trophy, no?
Thought India not coming to Pakistan for ICC Champions trophy, no?

Its an ICC event, India have to come, and this is India's best chance to win too as similar conditions to Indian Home conditions.

With Pakistanis Crowd fully support all teams!
Ok so now Pakistan is safe to travel?

Since it is ICC event we will come , by then Nawaz Sharif will be PM of pakistan .he is a peaceful man who wants peace in the region .
India team can travel one day before match .
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Everybody would travel to Pakistan, except India. ICC will eventually ban India.

Can ICC ban India?

India will say, we are going to breakup the world cricket structure.

70-80% money comes from India only, than ICC needs to manage with those remaining 20% of money.

ICC has no potision to go against the BCCI, presently..

Only Pakistani can wish and say, ICC can manage with 20% of money.


On topic - I hope that indian team should visit to Pakistan for playing ICC international cricket tournament... But no for any Asia Cup or bilateral tournament as of now.

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