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ICC Destroying Cricket


Nov 1, 2010
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ICC has become a real controversial, problematic for other nations after Big 3- India, Australia and England made decisions to rule others through autocratic methods and bring in new rules to their own convenience.

Most countries protested against the ICC big 3 offer, and only Pakistan voted against this controversial makeup.

* ICC Umpires have become controversial.

* ICC crackdown against chuck bowling before world cup, illegally copying Australian University rules and technology and amending the 15 degree rule has made a big outcry of controversial ICC crackdown.

* Recent changes to the ICC's protocols around illegal bowling actions, which heralded a new round of tests and bans for transgressors including Pakistan's Saeed Ajmal, have been an example of the new ICC structure offering worthwhile outcomes for the game. Most pointedly, it has allowed umpires and match referees to think they can operate without fear of political ramifications for simply enforcing the laws, but which affects only targeted countries.

* The purge of illegal bowling actions had its genesis in the ICC's cricket committee and has become controversial.

* India has been humiliated after West Indies called off tour in the middle.

* The biggest problem of fixtures layout by ICC, ICC gives more matches and fixtures to Big 3 teams on revenue basis and not on performance or top teams table.

* Edwards acknowledges that the "meritocracy" principles driving much of this year's governance reforms - which just happened to place India, England and Australia at Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in terms of revenue from ICC events - have placed additional pressure on other nations to get their houses in order or risk relegation from cricket's top tier.

* ICC after the "big three" reforms ushered in by Edwards, India's N Srinivasan and England's Giles Clarke have failed.
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The move has be detrimental to the competitiveness of the game.

The changes will render the ICC team and player's ratings useless as the ' big three' , Monetary activities are destroying the true spirit of game, and greater generated revenue streams gets more fixtures.

In Pakistan alone, Pakistanis have lost interest in watching cricket when the true spirit existed before Big 3 ICC , India, Australia and England.
Game has lost its appeal that is true , and only because the 50's and 100's have lost their value ins shorter format of game

Bowlers are tamed and locked down ...

Just become boring sorta speak every next bowl is a yorker

Gone is a steady , run chase with 1 , and 2 runs and ocassional 3s
Indian influence has been benign and wholesome for cricket. No doubt about it :partay:

Lol. ICC has turned for the better.Useless chuckers have been banned,should have started long back.Umpires have the courage to stand up
Massive crackdown on match fixing by players has cause financial loss to many people , hence the loss of interest .. :enjoy::lol:
Indians are almost singlehandedly destroying cricket. There I said it, you folks love your IPL meat necks more than the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid, Gavaskar. Dead pitches, short boundaries, total focus on batting, and now even the batting is being compromised, BCCI may as well be representing baseball.
1-if chuckmal err akmal was not banned we could have not seen this thread.
Showing frustration nothing else.
2- Pakistanis love bowling more than batting and rules have been made taugh for bowlers , so we can expect this negative view.
3- the big 3 , yeah if pakistan was involved in big 3, you never see this kinda thread.
4- man your pakistani team is still doing better, why can't you enjoy?
The cricket is still good but problem is how do you watch it, i mean if thinking negatively you watch it you will never enjoy.
I wish muttiah murlitharan could have been banned.
He was even worse chucker than akmal.

Please ask your classic test players what they think of all these changes, ask your bowlers what they think of all the BS rules made against bowlers.
This is what I remembered as Cricket

11 vs 11 , a game that had a balance of power equally spread between bowling side and batting side

>The game had given bowlers, ability to have bouncers
>The game had given bowlers protection at boundaries so every boundary stopping counted for exciting run chase
> When a player used to score 2 successive boundaries it used to be a joy due
> Bowlers had chance to get into Ry-them with bowling they were allowed - once they got into groove it was like
seeing a master in motion , bowl after bowl , a battle between bowler and batsmen

Wicket preservation was , key to a game , keep wickets in tact as 50-90 overs demand patience and cunning behavior

> I remember full 2-3 month Tours for nations , lot of side matches vs A sides to warm up
The 5 Test Series would always be a nail biting , match up who will take it !!! 3 months of
series - every one would be fixated at the series results - and stats

The anticipation would always be , who will score the 50 , or who will score the 100 or who will score the Partnership
Will Opening pair give a good start etc

Figure of 5 / 30 runs for bower was awesome turn around in that format

The 50's and 100's were life of game !!!

Now .... ICC has destroyed the game

  • T20 -> Is not cricket
  • Its a batting team's game
  • Power-play is annoyance
  • Bouncers are not allowed
  • Every bowl is a yorker - YAWN .... or a extremely wide ball for Afridi which is never given a wide
  • Strange Umpiring decisions
  • There are no placements or clean shots you can admire , its only heave the bat and run

Game is dieing

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