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ICC Destroying Cricket


This reminds me of Indian players after their loss in last world cup

World cup nahi denge .... denge nahi Dena pare ga
ICC is chutya...pa ....

Need a new federation

South Africa
West Indies
New Zeland

Conditional Approval
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India, England and Australia Big 3 has corrupted Cricket, abused power

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Fri, Aug 14 2015


The protesters believe no one except N Srinivasan (right), Wally Edwards (centre) and Giles Clarke have power in World Cricket © Getty

A three-minute silence as a mark of protest against the growing influence of the the "big three" - Australia, England and India - in international cricket has been done ahead of the fifth and final Ashes Test at the Oval in London.

The protest has been called by the makers of the film "Death of a gentleman" that raised issues in governance of International Cricket Council (ICC) following the board restructuring and highlighted the concerns surrounding Test cricket's future in the wake of the T20 explosion.

"We have decided on a three-minute silence. That is one minute for each of the countries that is trying to silence the game's ordinary supporters," the film's producer, Sam Collins said. "Now that the Ashes have been decided, we feel the time is right to protest at the powerlessness of all other countries in the cricket world. Nobody has any power except Narayanswami Srinivasan, of India, Giles Clarke, of England, and Wally Edwards, of Australia."

The makers of the film will also protest against ICC's decision to reduce the 2019 World Cup to a 10-team affair, a move widely believed to be detrimental to cricket's hopes of becoming a truly global sport like football. ICC also backtracked on their decision to host a World Test Championship and have since decided instead to give England another Champions Trophy in 2017 to uphold the interests of the big three.

For the event, the protest organizers will sport jerseys of cricket playing nations outside of the big three. "We ask fans of all nations to stand with us and show their dissatisfaction about the way their game is being run," Collins said.
Further details about

The movement maybe found at www.deathofagentleman.com and www.changecricket.com.
Big Protests against ICC, BIG 3- India/Aus/England mis-administration of Cricket in UK

Full Documentary :

#ChangeCricket: Demonstrators protest outside The Oval to protest 'Big Three' takeover, Corruption & mismanagement

MP Damian Collins joined campaigners in a silent protest against the terrible global governance of cricket ahead of the final Ashes Test at the Kia Oval.

Journalists Jarrod Kimber and Sam Collins, whose recent film Death of a Gentleman critiques the work of the International Cricket Council, led a three-minute silence outside the ground on Thursday morning.

Collins, a member of the House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport, joined the protest - which included a wreath "mourning the death of cricket as a global sport", and a lone trumpeter playing The Last Post.

A three-minute silence followed outside the Hobbs Gates, one each for the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia.

Collins said: "Thanks to the three big nations that run world cricket - England, Australia and India - who also control 52% of the game's revenues, Test cricket is being sacrificed in favour of the short forms of the game. The other 102 countries who play the game have access to only 48% of the revenues.

"And, at a time when every other sport wants to expand, the ICC is actually shrinking the Cricket World Cup and doesn't want to participate in the Olympics.

"What's more, while FIFA shows how all sport needs to be wary of administrative corruption, cricket is being run without transparency, accountability or independence by individuals who have shown us time and time again why we cannot trust them to represent the sport's best interests."

Read more at MP joins cricket protesters

Source: Big Protests against ICC, BIG 3- India/Aus/England mis-administration of Cricket in Oval
Another evidence where 3 over late fees is 10% of match fees where as the corrupt ICC and crying English charged 30% match fees to Pakistani players and 60% to Captain.

The match fixers Australia, India and English players are being defended by corrupt ICC as usual banning cricket in Pakistan when India attached Srilankan team.
ICC's downfall has already been happening for a long period of time

a) I noticed whenever Pakistani Team won their matches, the next day a dubious fine is imposed on either the team or the Captain , to hinder the Joy of winning

b) They banned various Pakistani Bowlers for minior 0.5 degree violation that is such a low figure it is impossible to
detect by Human Eye. The elbow extension law itself is dubious

c) The messed up team schedules , where same teams just play each other round the clock vs a more balanced Home/Away Series as it used to happen before.

d) Indians have always tried to leverage Pakistan , to get a favourable vote to be in Management position , and once they attain it they back off from any cooperation with Pakistan as it has been constantly done across cricket history


Look at Hafiz's ban , they banned him because they suspected his elbow was bending at 16 degree , when allowed figure is 15.5 or something ...

So take a look at the degree ... figure ..it is a tiny tiny line!!!! And that is why he was banned

It is Humanly impossible to tell 100% if elbow is 15.6 , 16 or even 30
ICC has lost the credibility as governing body of international cricket,even former president of ICC Mustafa Kamal resigned as a protest against their unlawful actions, Its a universal truth that BCCI is dictating ICC for their own financial gain and risking the future of international cricket and players.

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