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ICC Destroying Cricket

Well, believe me or not. Someone from even Australian former bowler has said that, this current ICC 2015 WP is already fixed!
ICC is to be blamed here, before WI issue, and now ball tempering in england was made into a big international controversy and english ball tempering was ignored from the roots,cricket standard is no wonder going down Pakistan should boycott completely . And now this:

Match Fixing in India , ICC and BCCI:

KARACHI: The cricket community in Pakistan has lashed out at ICC
president and the BCCI for their refusals to investigate claims by former India player Vinod Kambli that the 1996 World Cup semifinal against Sri Lanka may have been fixed.

"This is a former India player making a serious accusation and yet even Sharad Pawar in his capacity as ICC president has dismissed the issue outright which is strange," former
captain Rashid Latif said.

"I don't see what is wrong in holding an investigation even if Kambli has
come out with claims after 15 years. If there was no hanky panky in the
match what has the BCCI have to fear," Latif said.

ICC president had earlier said that that if Kambli was a honest and committed
cricketer, he should have told about everything he knew then, but he kept

The BCCI also said that they didn't see any need to take the allegations by
Kambli seriously and would not investigate his accusations.

"Kambli today has come out in the open because now after our three
players were jailed by a court there is renewed confidence that people
responsible for fixing and corruption can be punished. In the past different
boards and authorities have tried to play down this serious problem and
brush it under the match that is why no cricketer had the confidence to
come out if he knew something or suspected something," Latif said.

He said the quick reaction of the Indian board and President only showed
just how other boards were not willing to accept their players could be
involved in corruption and this was not a problem restricted to Pakistan.

Former captain, Moin Khan also expressed surprise at the BCCI and
ICC's reaction.

He said while Kambli's decision to come out with his allegations was
questionable but at the same time they were serious allegations and
could not be ignored.

"How can the BCCI say it will not investigate the matter and even
ICC should be clear about his priorities," Khan said.

Former Test player, Iqbal Qasim said the way the Indian board and the ICC
tried to ignore Kambli highlighted the bias in international cricket.

"It is now obvious that there are different set of rules for Pakistanis and
other countries especially India and I think our board needs to take a lesson
from this," the former spinner said.

Former Test pacer, Sarfaraz Nawaz said both the ICC and BCCI, after the
recent spot-fixing trial, were scared that more corruption scandals would
come out if they investigated the claims by Kambli.

"Don't forget Kambli is talking about a match where India was captained by a
man Mohammad Azharuddin who was later banned for life for fixing and yet
the Indians are not willing to take the issue seriously. It shows their double
standards," he said.
Pakistan wins, its all good but if Pakistan lose, match was fix. Please clarify, Indian team getting money to win or Pakistan team getting money to lose? If someone is intentionaly losing to me then how am i responsible. I mean if Pakistan team really want to win the world cup all they have to do is win, if they can. One team can win world cup, even if rest of all games are fixed. So kill your players now for making Pakistan lose for $,-$,
ICC and Umpires, match offcials selection FIXED in favour of India...

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Two umpiring decisions might cost Bangladesh the quarter-final vs India - Latest Cricket News, Articles & Videos at CricketCountry.com

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Two umpiring decisions might cost Bangladesh the quarter-final vs India

March 19, 2015, 1:58 pm

Rohit Sharma scored 137 against Bangladesh © Getty Images

Melbourne: There are always ifs and buts, but Bangladesh may consider themselves unlucky after the Indian innings in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 quarter-final. There were two decisions, which could have gone in their favour, and possibly turned the tide in their direction. Instead, India breathed a sigh of relief and the two batsmen went on to make a big impact on the game. If India go on to win this game, the debate about those two calls may rage on with the umpires and the Decision Review System (DRS) in focus. READ: Rohit Sharma scores 100, only behind Ricky Ponting as he sets Indian record during ICC World Cup 2015 quarter-final 2

When Suresh Raina was on 10, Mashrafe hit him in front of the stumps. The umpire did not give it out. As a result, Bangladesh went upstairs. On the first look, it seemed out as it hit him in front and the ball would have gone on to hit the stumps. They then checked with the ball trackers, which showed that the ball had marginally pitched outside the leg-stump. There was some part inside the line, but a part of it was outside. As a result, the third umpire had to back the on-field call and not overturn it. Had Raina been given out and then referred it, he would have had to head to the pavilion.READ: IND vs BAN, quarter-final 2: Rohit Sharma scores 7th ODI century

The second contentious call came in the 40th over, when Rubel Hossain bowled a high full toss to Rohit Sharma. Rohit pulled it to square-leg, where he was caught quite easily. The umpire signalled it a no-ball for height. Replays showed that it was just on the waist at the point of contact with the bat and Bangladesh could have had their man. Rohit was on 90 then and he went on to make 137. Raina survived the call on 10 and went on to get 65. Those two batsmen changed the course of the game at a time when Bangladesh were looking to restrict India. READ: CONTROVERSY! Rohit Sharma saved as Bangladesh robbed in World Cup quarter-final

Bangladesh would say that had they dismissed those batsmen, they may have had India for much lesser than 302. They now face a tall task to win the quarterfinal.
Seriously so much butt hurt ?? So you accept that the match which Pakistan won were also fixed ?? Seriously LOL for so much Butthurting, this way Olympics is dominated by US and China :3 they fix the Olympics :v
Nobody is forcing Pakistan to play cricket, don't like ICC then move out. Pakistani cricketers brought disrepute to the game by bribes, fixing and even murder. 2007 murder incident is too well known.
Last time I saw ICC's Vice president was a Bangladeshi Mustafa Kamal who is also the former President of Bangladesh Cricket board :-)
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Pakistan is losing hope against Australia without playing . So so they come with new excuses so they can blame on India for their lost against Aussies. Rules are made for all team not only for 3. Everything is dying in Pakistan because of their internal problems . How they can think about a sport when everyone trying to save their body parts from TTP.





Ian Gould and Steve Davis are two most PATHETIC umpires of the Cricket nowadays... Ian Gould is Worst, paid bribery by Indians & ICC regularly....disgusting cheater Indians & Umpires !!!
The No Ball for Sharma was given by a Pakistani Umpire who was Umpiring his 300th ODI (Respect)
Seriously so much butt hurt ?? So you accept that the match which Pakistan won were also fixed ?? Seriously LOL for so much Butthurting, this way Olympics is dominated by US and China :3 they fix the Olympics :v

In Boxing India was robbed medals in Olympics !

And two days back Arsenal were not given penalty in UEFA champions league and were eliminated as a result !

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