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Hello to all!

Welcome to the forum. What's the economic situation like in Greece nowadays?

I often think that Internet access to the Indian masses has undermined decades of the carefully crafted image of India. The govt of India and the professional sort who move abroad worked so hard to create a positive image of India and then social media took off in India and the millions of hate fill trolled showed thier faces. This has been made worse by a facist government and a Media that is hell bent on fanning the flames of hatred to win ratings.

The situation is much better compared to the previous period. The economy started becoming strong again but then all this lockdown thing started last year and you know...

The previous governments and especially the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) had neglected the military dramatically. The Turks were building frigates and frigates and we were lacking spare parts for some aircraft and helicopters. In the early 2010s the French wanted to sell us 4 FREMMS but the Germans were like "no,you're not getting any toys!"

As for the Indians I didn't care or love them much back in the late 2000s and early 2010s,I used to just check out some articles on wikipedia and some videos on youtube,mostly about movies etc. I thought "Lol Pakistanis always had the numbers in battles and always lost". But then I started reading more,talking with some great people and seeing so many Indians posting every stupidity online,I was like "these people should stop using the internet". The amount of propaganda and lies that comes from Indian media about Pakistan is so ridiculous!

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