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Global protests against regime change in Pakistan

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Protests do matter. Generals care alot about their image. Millions of people protesting in favor of Khan will send shivers down their backs
Protests are one of the tool. Withdrawing money from the banks will definitely put them into the red and then country haramkhoors will understand.
For me its the first and last time our country must go through the pain and instead of having a violent revolution give them a week and tell them to resign from all the posts and call for the elections date. If they refuse march to the Islamabad must go ahead capture the town and take the GHQ peacefully and then both parties will know what to do next. Pakistan can't move forward when you got these chors at the helm, generals are in the driving seats and judges are the little gods doing their business in the odd hours. Country needs short sharp therapy and the US will know our nation will not tolerate any more transgressions, its a new Pakistan not according to them burger eating protestors. Hypocrite US is telling us Ukraine to be free and we should stand beside them while trying to steal our country freedom.

Country can't be run by the rule of law when no one is following the law and laws are only applied to the dispossessed or the weak and country courts do business at the middle of the night in the dark rooms. This is not a matter of supporting IK, its a matter of putting our country first and on the right track and getting rid of these chors once for all.
I will hate to think spilling any blood or damaging any property but Pakistan needs are first and foremost and there is never going to be any compromise on the security, integrity and sovereignty of the our pure land. We don't want tamed, controlled, subdued and into bondage Pakistan, we want free Pakistan for which our forefathers have fought for.
EVM and overseas voting...and the most important of all...

Wait for the appointment of the Army Chief. No way they leave it to chance that PTI comes and Gen Faiz comes in.
ZAB also got Zia, and IK extended Bajwa. As for the Sherifs, whoever they pick is OK...
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