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  • There is no cases of Saudi men with Pakistani women

    There is officially just 2000 Saudi men married to foreigners according to 1 yearly statistic. No way 1000 of them are Pakistani women

    According to the same statistic 72 Saudi women married Pakistani men
    Salam bro,

    Hope you are doing well...

    Many thanks for rating my following post.

    Intent wasn't to bash on our establishment's, however, I was extremely frustrated on SC and ECP, therefore, was brutally blunt.
    please can you update my status so I can contribute to the threads which are still not accessible to me. Regards Mudassar
    Hey Mate, hows life :-)
    Sorry for the delayed response i never knew one can send messages here. I received message from someone else and find your message too however thanks for the message.
    Life is not bad, just extremely busy and day don't have got enough hours to do all the things. How life is treating you?
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