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Global protests against regime change in Pakistan

I will be joining this protest upcoming Sunday in Amsterdam. (for whoever is based in the Netherland).

Economic Bomb is the modern day , weapon used to Topple Governments
A soft topple

1- Get few Corrupt mafia internally
2- Buy some political votes
3- Influence some High level Institutes such as KALA Coat
4- Persuade Defenders to look the other way

Pakistan was attacked in a None Conventional War

1- Malaysian Head of State was Punished for Voicing Support for Kashmir government toppled

2- Imran Khan was punished for having a Independent Foreign Policy
I am absolutely moved by this !! No words to describe this ! This Lady is standing in the KIBLA & Praying !

جس جس نے پاکستان پر ظلم کیا اللہ اسے جلد برباد کرے سب کہو آمین رمضان المبارک ہے اللہ دعا ضرور قبول کریگا
Feast your eyes:

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just visit the posted link
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